Anyone got memrise beta screenshots?

(Thawrea) #1

I am a bit nostalgic and missing the old Memrise Beta. The one with the beautiful and simple flower metaphor shown very clearly in the design. That website was very motivating for me and was a place of wonderful progress in my languages.

Right now, I am ok with the new Memrise Decks (I like many of the changes, removal of the official courses, the new design is better than ziggy, etc). I also don’t damn all the changes since the beloved Beta was switched to the full site (just some), this is not a criticism post.

But I found out, that I have no screenshots of the hyperold site and could do with them, when talking about Memrise in my favourite online learning communites (one screenshot is worth a thousand words :slight_smile: ). And I couldn’t google any! Nor did I find anything in those old website archives and similar places.

Would any of the older users happen to have a screenshot of the beta and would share it, please?

(Immyjenn) #2

I’m not sure what you mean – how old are we talking? Like what year approx?

(Thawrea) #3

I am not sure about the year. Perhaps 2013?
The first website, which was really based on the flowers, and the courses were not divided in levels. A huge advantage, if I remember correctly, was a better treatment of the overlaps between the courses. The flowers you grew in a different course were already grown in the new one, or rather you added the new ones to the previous words.

(Roberta Spiga00) #4

I was there with the garden theme but not with the beta, I don’t recognize the version you’re talking about anyway, but I found some screenshots online, may this be it?


(Thawrea) #5

Yes, the middle picture is what I remember!
There were several phases of the flowers growing up, and the whole thing was really nice. There was even a real leaderboard (I remember challenging myself to get to the top 1000 and stay there for weeks).
The pictures above and bellow, I don’t think it is from the same version. But they look really good.

Thanks, you are a much better searcher than me!

Too bad this got abandonned completely. Not that some of the later features aren’t good, sure. But the overall concept made more sense. Well, now I’ve got a picture at least, as a nice memory :slight_smile:

(Roberta Spiga00) #6

There are some more like that too. I just searched “Memrise garden” in images, no biggie, glad I could be helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:
And indeed it was really nice, but then I miss the garden theme in general, it ndeed was very beautiful and made a lot of sense.

(Thawrea) #7

I was perhaps looking for flowers or I don’t know. I like this one:

So, I am content with this bit of nostalgy. Thanks again!

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