Anyone else thinks the current ranking/points system is nonsense?

I mean, you can reach level 13 in two weeks of using memrise, but you need years to get from level 15 to 16. It seems so unbalanced.
Also, why did they decide to remove the fun and relevant ranks like meminence, memperor and so on and replace them with boring numbers?
I wish I understood why the devs make certain decisions…


I agree Kaimi (@Kaimi), and much has been written on the subject.

At one stage I suggested that we had “Lower” or “Junior”, “Middle” and “Upper” or “Senior” within a category.

My sadness is that I should soon be going from Membassador to Meminence at 10 Million points but now have to wait until 12.5 Million points for the next level 14 to 15. (I can’t see me ever getting to 16 - so well done, you are nearly at 20 Million points.)
And I don’t think I can reflect that lovely title change in the Forum personal information.

I am active every day but spend a lot of my time contributing to courses and this Forum and not scoring points - hence the apparent slow progress.

Now that the lovely Titles and amusing Creatures are not the limit to the imagination for banding, we could have Levels up to 99 - and some would probably be happy for that challenge!

How about it @MemriseSupport ?

For interest and nostalgia here are the two earlier systems:


Yes, those higher levels are really far apart.
I reached Meminence before the changes in the rank system and I am getting near the old Memperor rank now. But I’m not even half way to the next level 17…
And I also liked those old level names.


Step by step, slowly, but surely, Memrise team is making it a worse place. Four finger hand in their new design is a metaphor in which missing finger symbolizes missing parts of Memrise it used to be. Still alive, but heavily mutilated.



The only person I compete against myself is me and I measure my progress with how much I understand the target language, not points.


Thank you for your reply, DW7. Your contribution to the courses and forums is really impressive, creating/contributing to more than 250 courses. I really appreciate it, and I wish users like you could get credit for it. You are helping many of us.

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I agree. The garden analogies and symbology were some of the most attractive things about this site. It was just so perfect for a SRS software! I remember at some point in 2014 they promised to keep developing the idea of the garden, and that they would give it more prominence (in an old "suggestions/incubator of ideas page the site used to have). Instead, they slowly but surely got rid of all of it, first removing words like “plant” and “water” because “it was confusing”, then the lively backgrounds, imagery, until we only got left the icons that you put there. All this, while going through an absurd constant change of themes, space, planets, aliens, to finish with the blandest design they could ever conceive.

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You are right, but the point system is a good motivator for some people. I am learning with friends and we usually compete to be the first in our leaderboard every week. This means we may study some extra words for that competitive fun, which means extra study. Also, sometimes I push myself to be the first in the leaderboard of the courses I’m learning. I know there’s no prize, it’s all psychological, but the end result is that I study more.
I also use Anki a lot, and if you really don’t care about points/gamification at all, I suggest you use it: the algorithm is way better, much more customizable, and in general I think it’s more effective than memrise if used properly. You can import memrise courses to it easily with an addon.

I thought I’d refer to your post from May 2016 which has that lovely landscape image:

[Site Feedback] There Is No Point in a New Forum Unless It Is Promoted

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I am level 13 and I don’t remember it taking a couple of week.
But then again that was a long time ago. About to hit 14…

I do miss the names…

There is a good book it’s called start with why. Their why probably started with making a website for learning then moved to making money. Now they shot their progress in the foot.

As I tell all my management team, you don’t need xyz business to make money. You can do that with any type of business. You have no purpose to run this facility. Does that scare you? Basically flying a plane blind with the purpose of being in the air… you’ll get somewhere but… probably won’t be where you want.

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Maybe reality hit in to realize in order to do ‘why’ you need resources (money).VC funding is not unlimited.

Obviously money is needed for things. But you won’t be great if you chase the cash you have to chase the innovation and money will be the byproduct.

People have made free code to enhance memrise. So memrise is having people out there improve their system for free. Because the why of the coders is possibly to learn or to help out or possibly because its fun? But I doubt it is for cash because I don’t see how they are making money from this.

Also I don’t think any of us are getting paid to write on this forum and reply back bugs.

Here is some of the items i have seen given to memrise for FREE

  1. Innovating with new ideas (forum)
  2. Discovering bugs (forum)
  3. Coding (github)
  4. Courses… (users created)
  5. Memory tools (mems, user made)

This is all under the why of learning not making money since we don’t get paid for the above. I am learning a language and not making money for doing so.

What I learned at work is some men (in this case a business owner) wants to be the best and they don’t want help from others. Because in getting help from others it is as if the other has apart of their greatness of their company. Or maybe it’s more basic that when you ask a kid to stop doing that they just say no.

Men speak the language of emotion and not logic. There is actually a study done that when emotion is removed the logic has no purpose. Since people just don’t care to think one way or another. Why gives purpose to logic.