Any quality Dutch courses for German Speakers?

I was wondering if there is a Dutch for German Speakers in the works?
I did see that there is already German for Dutch Speakers so it shouldn’t be to hard to create a course the other way around right?

I am using the Dutch Course for English Speakers now but I have to say that for me as german speaking person many things seem rly strange (English to dutch grammar) especially since German and dutch are so alike and share very similar grammar rules aswell.

Are you talking about Memrise official courses?

Yeah I am talking about the official Courses.

Well I do have my language on German and still only get the English Dutch Course so I guessed there is no Dutch for German speakers so far.

Sorry I totally messed up!

You thought the wrong way around didn’t you xD

yeah… my mind refuses to work sometimes

Haha no problem that happens to all of us from time to time

Dutch is not so widely spoken. I think that’s the reason why they haven’t translated official courses to Dutch yet. I’m Estonian and I learn all memrise languages over English, except English itself which I study through Spanish.

You can make your private course (out of some expressions) or write your German comments in mems

Well the thing is German and Dutch have a lot of similarities in the words as well as the grammar. Learning Dutch trough the english language is a true pain in the ass. Especially because there is so much lost in translation to english.
I just thought that someone might be working on a course like that.

there are plenty of (user-made) Dutch courses for German speakers, why don’t you scroll down

Yes there are but to speak honestly most of them didnt appeal to me because they are not well done or just vocabulary without kontext. Thats why I was asking if there was one at work from Memrise.

well, some of them are well made… (this from someone who studied and lived in the Netherlands for a while - that is why I don’t need beginner level courses.) To be very honest, I don’t get this prefabricated opinion about the “official vs. community-created” courses.

Wie auch immer… Jedem das Seine…

Well if you can recommend one I would rly appreciate it :slight_smile: