Any leaderboard addicts out there?

Hi there! I’m new to the forum but I’ve had an account on Memrise for a pretty long time. I recently got back into Memrise and have become quite addicted to the leaderboard feature to motivate me to study more and track my effort. Is there any other self proclaimed leaderboard addicts who I could add on Memrise and maybe even stay in touch with so that we can challenge each other in a friendly way and encourage each other throughout our learning journeys? Maybe we could even have some kind of group chat to share our learning adventures and check in on each other’s progress. My Memrise ID is JaLearner if you’d like to follow me.


Lol, I am addicted to the leaderboard feature too, thanks to my not-to-be-proud-of competitive nature. I’m not a natural at languages, so if it wasn’t for the leaderboards, I think I would loose inspiration and interest pretty quickly!