Any Italian course suggestions


Could anyone suggest some good Italian courses to take on memrise.

Honestly I prefer typing lol, it helps with remembering to spell and surprisingly pronunciation

The course I’ve completed are

The Courses I’m currently taking are;

750/900 words

500-1900 words

The ones I’m looking to take next are:

But honestly i’m unsure if I even need the advanced intermediate, maybe the polygot would already have everything the intermediate one does.
Again, I’m open to new suggestions, I should have conjugations done in another month but the intermediate will be done in a week or two and I’m in need of a suggestion on what to learn next, I like to have 2 courses going at once. 1 is to slow and 3 is a bit to extreme.


Is this any good?


Also there is the official Memrise courses if you havent done them.


yeah, I may have to try the official ones, I did the first course, but I prefer typing and it gave a lot more multiple choice which does not help me remember as well.

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Do these three courses on the regular. Find a suitable daily workload. Do every course every day. Even a couple of minutes every day is better than doing a course only once in a week or so.

That’s a basic program that works nicely for Italian (this recipe (5000+conj+Duolingo) works for every main Romance language except Romanian). This should teach you everything important. Except advanced speaking skills of course.

If you don’t understand some features of the Italian grammar (not even with explanations in Duolingo), consult a beginner’s grammar guide (For legal reasons, I can’t tell you exactly where, but many of the nice Routledge grammars are available for “free” as pdf files), but even Wikipedia will do the trick in most cases.

As early as possible, start watching Italian YouTube/Netflix/etc. videos. Start with animated series for toddlers (Pinocchio, Heidi, or so…). Prefer video with subtitles.


Thank you very much for your suggestion, I’ll be sure to look into it and give it a go.
Already started the conjugation not to long ago, been starting to make pretty good head way through it.
Both seem to be very good courses.

And thank you for your other suggestions as well, have a few news sites and books saved to try and get a grip on reading and put the vocab to use. Defiantly will want to advance to some movies and listen afterwords, probably at that point I should be able to find someone to go ahead and practice speaking with.

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I’m used to studing languages in the countries of their origin and now I study italian in Sanremo in Italy. I may say it’s really effective and there’re so many pluses of studing it here. I can’t stop admiring the opportunity to go in the street after classes and practise new words just like that with native speakers and without any language barrier

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Hi @King, I support several Italian courses (some with typing and some by single topic).

If you do a double search - ie click Italian on the left then search by DW7 at the top you’ll get a list by popularity (which doesn’t always mean it’s the best course) then you’ll find them.

There are several individual Forums for courses, for creators who have several (like @JCR16 and @roygbiv who are not active) and a final ‘catch all’ for all the others I support.

These will all shortly be going to “Decks”.