Answer is wrong when I got it right?

(Thetypebeast) #1

I gave both answers for a word, and I had them correct, but I was marked wrong. Why? Please see attached image.

Posting this in iOS because I’m using the iOS app. If there is another forum I should put this in please link it.

(only an user) #2

Hi. Unfortunately, the program thinks you’ve made a mistake if you reverse the order of the answers.
That is, you need to write exactly: いいです;良いです
and not: 良いです;いいです

(Thetypebeast) #3

Thanks, Mila.


Wouldn’t it work just typing one of them? i’ve seen a few questions that have 2 different ways of answers in the same answer, and it has always accepted entering just one of them.

(Thetypebeast) #5

You have a point there, @AkiraKurusu. This should definitely be marked as a bug. It’s odd that either answer is correct, but if you provide both it’s ONLY correct if in the order provided by memrise.

(BlackParis) #6

Memrise is having lotta problems …;

(Thetypebeast) #7

So I tested the theory above where if you answer one of the two accepted answers, it should mark it as correct. It is now marking it as incorrect.
This is definitely buggy. It seems a little ridiculous that I have to answer (x);(y) and have these things constantly get downgraded in the SRS simply because I didn’t specifically match memrise’s specific syntax that is not related to the actual syntax of the language being learned.

Expected Result : The accepted answers should be (x);(y), (y);(x), (x), and (y).

(khx333) #8

Memrise used to accept one of two answers, let’s say: happy, lucky, favorable and if you typed lucky it was accepted.

Then they blocked it and now you need to type happy, lucky, favorable – this means you need to memorize the order of the words. Which is not exactly what we should be forced to do.

This is really a regression and should be fixed. P1.

(Thetypebeast) #9

Yes, this is what I was trying to describe in my last post. Thank you for explaining it better. :pray:

(khx333) #10

It’s one of the tens of bugs that have crawled into the iOS app recently, such as the misformed text strings inside boxes that are truncated and similar high font size cropping, doubt anything gets fixed just now. Not to speak of the sync any new changes in courses that is not happening on an iOS device unless you remove the app and reinstall it. That bug would be classified as a P0 at most Silicon Valley companies around here.

But we could hope.