Answer error in German 3 (from English)

Guten Tag. In German 3, I was asked to give the German for “this night.” I entered heute Nacht and was marked correct, but the spoken answer given was heute Abend (this evening). Danke.

Maybe both answers can be interpreted as “tonight” based on the context?

Reference leo

No. My answer was marked as correct, but the audio gave the wrong answer. So the Memrise answer contradicted itself - displaying “heute Nacht” as the correct answer and speaking “heute Abend” as the correct audio. Thanks - Joan

The audio was the correct answer. You entered an accepted alternative answer.

Unlike English a lot of languages do not use their word for night unless they mean literally in the middle of the night.

@duaal - thank you for that explanation. However, I’m confused - how do you know which phrase to use when both phrases are being introduced in the same lesson? When do I say “heute Nacht” and when do I say “heute Abend”? When one is trying to learn a language, such ambiguities need to be explained or else the learner never learns. Hope this makes sense… Thanks.