Answer box won't accept diacritics

As of yesterday, the answer box in Classic Review will not let me enter diacritics in the usual way. This happens for every course I’ve tried. Some examples are “Spanish (Spain) 4” and “Spanish (Spain 5).”

I’m using the English-Extended keyboard layout on MacOS. Until yesterday, I could enter diacritics by pushing option + a/e/v/u/6/` followed by a letter to produce an accented character. For example, option+e followed by e produces é.

Now, when I use option+e, I see an underscore indicating that the box is waiting for me to enter a letter to complete the accented character; but when I enter a letter, only a punctuation mark appears. For example, option+e followed by e produces ´.

  • I’m on a Macbook Pro running MacOS 11.6.7 and Firefox 101.0.1.
  • Other sites and apps let me enter accented characters without a problem.
  • It is possible to enter accented characters in the answer box using other means (using the buttons at the bottom of the Classic Review screen, long key press, etc.), but these are slow and inconvenient.

Hi, thanks for bringing this to our attention, we’re looking into this, but we see it does currently work on chrome if you’d like to use that in the meantime.

this should be fixed now on firefox

Thanks, it works for me now.