Another error translation on Memerise's course Chinese 2 for French-speaking users

Big error translation Chinese 2/Level 10 (French):

“wǒ juédé zhègè hǎokàn / 我觉得这个好看”
“Je NE pense PAS que celui-ci n’est PAS beau”

the right french translation is
“Je pense que celui-ci n’est PAS beau”

Hi @AngstromParis,

Thank you for spotting this mistake. It’s now been corrected and should appear once you’ve logged out of your profile and in again. :slight_smile:

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Hi @fanny_sta,

Other errors need corrections:

• Course “Chinese 1”, **level “8”:
The french translation of “粥 - zhōu” isn’t “congee”.
Because “congee” isn’t a french word, it doesn’t exist!
The right translations is: “bouillie de riz” or “porridge”.

• Course “Chinese 2”, level “8”:
“wǒ yào zhègè” the french translation isn’t “je veux manger ça”.
The right translation is: “je veux ça”.

If you want to say “je veux manger ça (i want to eat that)”, the chinese translation is: “wǒ yào chī zhègè” (我要吃这个).

• Course “Chinese 2”, level “8”:
“nǐ xǐhuān chī táng ma ?” the french translation isn’t “est-ce que tu aimes manger sucré ?” .
Because “táng” = “sucre” or “friandise / bonbon” !
So, the right translation is “est-ce que tu aimes manger du sucre (ou des bonbons) ?”

If you want to say “sucré” the right word is “tián” + the particle “de”
So, the right Chinese translation of “est-ce que tu aimes manger sucré ?” is “nǐ xǐhuān chī tián de ma ?” (你喜欢吃甜的吗?) .

Thanks a lot @AngstromParis for these corrections! They’ve all been included now, please log out of your profile and in again to see the changes.

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Cool :+1:
Merci @fanny_sta.