Annual renewal refund problem

Hi all,

I thought I canceled this months ago, certainly haven’t used it in months and months, but I just got charged for an annual renewal. can I get a refund please?

having read a few other posts it seems like its a good idea to tag support so here goes.
@MemriseSupport @MemriseMatty

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Has this happened before? And when did you cancel?

I think I stopped using the app around september last year, I’ve only had it since june so there wasn’t another time for it to happen to me, though there are a few topics about similar issues in this forum.

Ok, but to be honest the Memrise team sometimes cant fix these things :confused:

Are you a member of their support team?

Thanks for the info in any case, though it seems really fishy that they can’t refund an annual renewal when I literally haven’t even opened the app in months. I’m not trying to steal from them, i just don’t want to be forced to buy something I have no use for.

Perhaps it is simply a matter of business, they have the money why would they give it back. But it seems pretty fishy like I said.

What in the world are you talking about? Of course they can “fix” it. This customer is absolutely entitled to a refund, and Memrise has to issue it, and if they don’t do it voluntarily and promptly, the customer can demand that their credit card company do a chargeback against Memrise.

If you are willing to waste your time and give Memrise a chance, then it seems that the way to get a refund from Memrise is to make a lot of noise in the forums to get their attention. But if you don’t want to play Memrise’s stupid games, just call your credit card company and demand they do a chargeback.

After seeing so many complaints from users about writing in requesting refunds and being ignored, it all seems very fishy to me too, and I think that Memrise tries to discourage people from demanding refunds, by ignoring their requests for as long as possible. Then they even hide some of the forum threads that show evidence of this. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one disappears too.

As you said, “very fishy.” :roll_eyes:

I mean they sometimes wont, this happened to me and i havent got a refund since!!!

No Im not, but im a trusted member in the Memrise community

@yogurtking30 Thank you for trying out Memrise Pro. Your refund has been issued and should appear in your account shortly. Thanks again and happy learning with the free plan :slight_smile:

For future reference, the best way to request a refund is via our support channel:

@xvg11 - A few things which are incorrect here:

  1. We do not ignore refund requests, but we do have other support channels. For example, a user can contact us directly (for a refund) by clicking"Contact Us" on our Knowledge Base. This is the most efficient way to request a refund. A forum is not a preferred medium to discuss a persons payment or subscription details (due to the nature of sensitive information). If you have seen someone who has been “ignored”, it’s most likely they have spoken to us via another channel.

  2. We do hide forum threads. Not to “hide evidence” but to prevent people from continuing the thread with more refund requests. Please see point 1. for this logic.

The best method of contact will always be our HelpDesk, and refunds will always take up-to 7 days to process. Please read the link provided for more information.

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Thanks @MemriseMatty! Appreciate it. Sorry for using the wrong channel.

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I’ve seen many posts on the forum reporting that users’ multiple e-mailed refund requests have been ignored, as have their refund requests posted using your “contact us” form, so that excuse is no excuse at all. Although in very rare cases it may take up to seven days for credited funds to appear in a user’s financial account, there is no excuse for Memrise not responding immediately to refund requests and initiating the refund process on the same business day the request is received.

That’s not a valid excuse for hiding refund requests and complaints. You could prevent people from continuing to post additional unrelated refund requests in a thread simply by locking those threads, after the original poster is satisfied with your response.

It seems to me that the only purpose served by hiding threads is to prevent them from being seen by the public, thus hiding evidence of the very poor way that Memrise treats its paying customers.