Annual Pro 'Under $5' Email

I was sent this email last night, and, upon confirming that it wasn’t a spam email, I actually got pretty excited because I’m very broke and am going off-the-grid in 2 or so weeks in the middle of the Australian outback, and won’t have phone reception for a decent chunk of time.

Of course, the actual annual pro subscription isn’t actually under $5 for the whole thing… did they just mean per month? Is this just misleading titles for attention? The annual is 50% off, so $35 AUD.

I got no email but I think memrise has done these things before, you’re a lucky winner I think

Well, it says “annual”, so I suppose that’s what it is!

FWIW, if you think about buying a sub, note that offline courses will soon be gone. See here:


Does anyone know if we’ll still be able to download a course or is that tied in with it?

Well, we’re talking about assumptions, but offline capabilities aren’t really connected to the ability to download courses for offline use (which, AFAIK only concerns the apps), particularly as you need external / non-Memrise utilities to download anything

I thus wager that you’ll still be able to download stuff as long as the Memrise team doesn’t incorporate any fundamental changes in their code. The latter is what I’m being far more worried about.

Last but not least: in the Android app I constantly download courses to force them to update, i. e. after I have changed a course’s content. When that is gone, it’s probably back to logging off and back in to update courses …

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