Annoying Things I'd like to see fixed in Memrise

Been using Memrise for a while now and eventually decided to come to the forums to raise a couple of points that keep bugging me:

1: I’m learning French and progressed to French 2 after completing French 1. Things is, French 1 continues to report that I’ve to refresh words from the course. I’d like to see difficult words/phrases from French 1 show up in French 2 and so forth. Basically, each step should build on the previous one and bring up some elements from past sessions. Once I’m done with one level I don’t want to go back to it anymore, nor should there be a need for it. At the moment though Memrise seems to treat each course as an independent section, which is stupid and not productive for learning.

  1. Some exercises don’t show the correct translation after completion and disappear too quickly. I believe most of the exercises where you create a sentence from given segments. Once complete the app/site moves to the next word whereas I’d like to see a proper translation for the sentence.

  2. I REALLY hate the part where I’m asked to lip-sync. It doesn’t make sense that I’ve to answer that question each time. I’d like to see an option to disable lip-syncing exercises. They just don’t work and are annoying.

I love the lip sync, it really helps improve my speech along with the timing. It’s also fun to watch other people sound just like me. I’m looking for the option to do More but can’t find it. Any help?