ANNOUNCEMENT: Permanent shutdown of community courses and forums!

Memrise community courses are shutting down
The Memrise community courses are scheduled to be shut down within the next few months. (Source)

There are two main places that you can migrate your community courses:

Anki is a flexible, open source program that can be used on your phone as well as your computer.

My Little Word Land allows you to upload courses and share them with the world, much like Memrise did.

To migrate your courses to Anki, see CourseDump2022 script made by @Eltaurus.

All public community courses are automatically being migrated to My Little Word Land. For details, see Announcing

Memrise forums are shutting down
Also, the Memrise forums ( are being permanently shut down. (Source) (Discussion thread)

As part of the archival effort, I’ve put up a read-only copy of the Memrise forums at

Other notes
As I’m sure is true for many others, I’ve had a great time using Memrise over the last 10 years! It’s sad to see the forums and community courses be shut down, but at its core, Memrise is a business, it needs money to stay open, and Memrise has decided to concentrate their efforts elsewhere, which is very much their right! :slight_smile:

Let’s all give a hand to @BenWhately and the rest of the Memrise team! They’ve put a lot of time and effort into Memrise, over the years :slight_smile:

If you see someone posting on the forums who doesn’t seem aware of this topic, please link them to it! Message your friends and let them know! Let’s get the word out! :slight_smile:


There has been a Memrise forum on reddit for years, and it’s not going away. People from here are moving there for future discussions. All you need is a free reddit account, which you can create by just choosing a username and password (email address optional).

You can view the memrise “subreddit” without an account, but to post or comment you need to be logged in. Here’s the direct link to that subreddit: Reddit - Dive into anything


I believe this was true in the past, but it appears that they changed their requirements at some point.

Signing up for a free reddit account now requires an email address as the very first step.

They also give you an option to sign up with an existing Google account, but doing that gives reddit your email address and also your name and google profile photo, if you have one.

Signing up with an existing Apple account is also an option for Apple users, but I don’t know the details of what Apple shares with them in that case.

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I am aware of a few Reddit channels where they ask you for your account name and a login to be able to access the posts on the Web.
Or they force you to open their annoying Reddit Android mobile app.
Way too many ads, auto-playing videos, a lot of nonsense is shown on the start page.
The text is way too small and there simply are no text / font size settings in the official Reddit Android app.

I posted about it before on the Duome forum in another thread, but there is a solution:
Install the 3rd party RedReader Android app for Reddit. It doesn’t require from you to create a Reddit account, if you don’t want to.
I can access several channels incl. the /r/Duolingo or /r/RealDuolingo or /r/Memrise or /r/language_learning without having an account.

And this RedReader Android app actually supports font size settings and a better Accessibility. Even allows to customize what posts are polled in from what Reddit channels on the start page.
You can specifically add several Subreddits for your pinned subscription list.

If I find the 1-2 Duome threads again next weeks I will link them (just search for “RedReader” across all main and sub forums).


Just to add, RedReader will continue to be very accessibility friendly far into the future too because it is exempted from paying Reddit’s (notoriously expensive) third party API fees due to being granted a non-commercial accessibility exemption from them, so it gets a +1 recommendation from me as well

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I’ve rewritten the original post :slight_smile:

@Eltaurus, this post now links to your CourseDump2022 script :slight_smile:

If there’s anything that you’d like me to add, please let me know! :slight_smile:

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