Anniversary for when you started Memrise?

Hello Memrise users, I’ve been trying to figure out when my anniversary for Memrise is. All I know is that I joined this year to learn Latin. Is is supposed to be displayed in my profile or something?
It’s not that big of a deal but I still want to remember when I first joined Memrise or started Latin.
If you can help me that would be great :blush:

Hello Isabelle!

If you click on your picture thete is a menu. Click on the right, on the person picture and then click on summary. Right there under your name you will read the date when you joined Memrise.


Thank you so much for your help. @KarmenKern! I can’t believe that I didn’t notice that before. I found out that I joined on June 3rd, this year. So next year will be my Memrise anniversary. I will also remember to friend you on Memrise :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for the help, :grinning:

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Friending” someone on MemRise can encourage them that you may:
Like their courses,
Are interested in their progress (points on the web) and
Equally you can quickly see how you are doing this week/ month/ ever compared to them (when you go to the web).

(Ask if you need to know more.)

This is in addition to the league tables on each course.


That’s great. We will celebrate it together next year then. I’m still new here, since January 2021, and I have no idea where the mempal button is.

On the web version if you want to follow someone who is on one of your course leaderboards, click on their username and you’ll be taken to their profile page. The blue “Follow” button is in the top right corner.

The guidance for app users is here:

Good luck!


Hi alanh!
I did that with people that appear on the leaderboard s of my courses but I don’t know how to find people from the forum to add to a friends list.
I don’t use computer or android apps.


If the person has used the same username for both their forum account and their learning account, go to your learning account profile page and replace the last part of the url from your username to theirs.

For example, change “…/user/KarmenKern/” to “…/user/*****/”


Ah! Interesting! I will try that, thanks!

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Yes, we will be celebrating in 2022! Thanks for friending me back :slightly_smiling_face: