Angry about the Decks update? How to make your voices heard

(Silas Couto19) #23

My money is asking to leave my wallet man. I need to use an app to take notes from my own classes.

(Lucas Heber) #24

A posted the following review in Google PlayStore:

Community made courses are the most valuable thing in this platform, but they won’t be available anymore in the app or offline. Only community created courses can get you to a high level of language proficiency. That means the developers don’t care about the community and get you fluent.

Their answer:

Hi Lucas Heber Mariano dos Santos,
I’m sorry that you are feeling this way, but it is not true that we do not care about the users getting fluent. With more resources focused on our app, I am sure that we will be seeing more growth in the rich content in the app. I hope there’ll be a day you will feel like trying out our app content. Kana

Really that they think i have never tried the official courses and official content? “there’ll be a day…”


I don’t like to leave negative comments, but I feel that this is going to be a repeat of Ziggy, where a lot of well-meaning hard work was wasted. I have a long, Wi-Fi-less bus journey that is perfect for learning ‘on the go’, but now with no offline mode I don’t see how I will be able to find time. There is so much that Memrise could do to improve their current set-up without making it more difficult for users to seamlessly integrate their learning on Memrise- and community-made courses. I didn’t realise there was supposed to be a difference. Sorry.

(Lucas Heber) #26

I think editing Memrise’s Wikipedia page to cover the recent changes would be a good idea. An user had already done that, adding some pieces of information, but a more through cover is necessary–without vandalizing the site (I tried to correct some parts in the meantime.).
Everyone can edit the page, no registration needed.

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #27

It sad that leaving bad rating isn’t helping there’s more new 5’s than 1’s.

(Lucas Heber) #28

The low score reviews are being highlighted in play store because they were marked as useful. New users are getting to see these negatives reviews, though the impact is low in the overall score, still is something…

(Crazy Dave2345) #29
  1. Make Pro required to learn with the mobile app

  2. Create two sections of the app and two different sections of the Memrise servers. The first section works for user-created courses. The second works for official courses. The sections work independently.

Many of us pay for Pro and study community courses on the mobile app. We keep our mobile app, you keep your revenue, you gain the ability to move faster with your official courses.

additional discussion here:


The impact on the overall score on Google Maps is high.

(Crazy Dave2345) #31

I just posted a scathing review on Google Maps. Please like it so it becomes to the top review.

The app’s free user-created courses are better than the “official” courses, but they’re being booted off the app and into a free platform called “Decks.” If you want to learn a language as a New Year’s resolution and forget about it, you can use Memrise.

At the intermediate-advanced level, for the same language, Memrise’s user-created courses (community content) are more popular than the official courses at the intermediate level. That’s when official courses get announced to Memrise’s users as THE course and when Memrise has a body of language experts to create courses.

Compared to other language-learning apps, the ability to learn languages at the intermediate-advanced level through user-created courses is what made Memrise unique. Other language apps will only ever teach you a basic level of the language. But that higher learning functionality is being migrated to the free app “Decks.” So go use Decks. Don’t pay for Memrise.

I think encouraging people to use Decks and not pay for Memrise will really hurt Memrise’s revenue and long-term prospects.

(Hombre_sin_nombre) #32

I’m sorry, but this is not correct.
There’s no free app Decks (only website) and that’s why so many users are huffing and puffing.

(Crazy Dave2345) #33

I edited my review to reflect that, thanks.


That’s why I think memrise’s decisions are just baffling. Apparently even difficult words will be free on decks, removing any incentive I ever had to pay.

(Lucas Heber) #35

I have received an e-mail from Google Maps, my review was seen for 178 people until now. I think that is a good number since Memrise is not a big company and only a small fractions of its users use it everyday or pay a subscription.


If you can, mark Memrise reviews that accurately and damagingly summarize the impact of the Decks update to a user who is considering installing the app as “Helpful” so they show up on the top reviews.

If a bunch of you end up doing this with a lot of reviews, don’t be surprised if your Google Play activity ends up subject to a shadowban. Even if it doesn’t, all of your reviews may end up de-prioritised (not appearing in latest reviews, your votes only visible to you, etc.) due to suspicious behaviour.

Review vote/recommendation rigging and manipulation is a thing on most platforms, largely due to jealous competitors but sometimes because of pile-ons organised on forums. It happens a lot with Steam reviews every time a developer upsets the community. Don’t make yourself look like one of these people and get your account sanctioned. It’s not worth it.

(khx333) #37

I would not worry about rigging and the numbers of comments for Memrise. Just be truthful.

(Sausupo) #38

This is actually so absurd I don’t really know what to say. Memrise could have been the FACEBOOK of language learning. To have such a huge, passionate community, only to screw them over time and time again, to STRIP AWAY community features instead of bolstering them, is just so mind blowingly incompetent it defies belief.

Imagine what memrise could have been by now if the company didn’t take this community for granted. It’s really just…sad.


I would worry about any kind of voting behaviour influenced by an outside source. Pile-ons are exactly the kind of thing that abuse detection systems are programmed to spot. At the very least, if you love Memrise so much that you want to hurt the company financially (so logical), then at least don’t do it with a Google account that you actually value. On the other hand, I’ve heard of Google shadowbanning linked accounts before too so maybe it doesn’t matter.

(Drifterprof) #40

I had paid for Memrise Pro subscription for several years, and cancelled when the Decks announcement came out. I was lucky that old membership expired today, or I would have been considerably more disgruntled.

Since I use only non-Memrise user-created lessons, the primary thing I miss is the “Difficult Words” feature. And since Memrise specified that “Difficult Words” will be a free feature on the new Decks website, it seems like Memrise is actually saving me some money because of the following:

The Memrise app did not download on my old devices (could not download for offline, so mems were frozen in time; unhappily, if I used the app it would reset each word I visited to be the mem frozen in time).

So I got used to using the web mode on my tablet instead of the app. This was actually preferable to the app version because I could zoom easily to make the micro-sized Thai font easily readable rather than an eye-strain.

So, now instead of feeling hostile, I am thankful to Memrise for giving me the money that they could have kept charging me and I would have paid for on the old system. Anyway, paying Memrise was kind of a mercy-subscription in the sense I thought I should give them something for their hosting, because I did value the “Difficult Words” and other standard Memrise features that they say will be on the Decks website.

So, thanks Memrise! Although I believe you were unethical and foolish to alienate so many users, at least now I have the heads-up to start pursuing other efforts like ANKI (in case the Decks project turns out to be as poorly executed as many suspect it will be).

(Assaji) #41

So happy I wasted my money on the yearly membership just to get the courses I use the most removed from the app.

(Houssam Alissaed) #42

In light of Memrise’s decision to develop a Decks App with offline mode, I suggest we return to any public reviews we made expressing our displeasure and update accordingly.