Angry about the Decks update? How to make your voices heard

(Houssam Alissaed) #1

Today, like many of you, I was outraged to hear the news about the end of community courses on Memrise and the inadequate move to migrate them onto the browser-platform Decks. I don’t want to go into the ins-and-outs of why this is a bad decision here, but you can follow the discussion here

Needless to say, the response from Memrise core users has been overwhelmingly negative, and many are bewildered by what seems to be a massive act of self-harm on the part of Memrise.

However, I’m here to suggest we do more than just vent on the forum, where we can easily be ignored. I suggest we make our voices heard en masse, so that Memrise gets the message at how angry many of its fans are. This may ultimately not sway their decision, but it’s worth a shot. Here are some ways we can do this (will do in multiple posts as only 2 links allowed per post)

  1. @Memrise on Twitter: Here is the Twitter Memrise account:

Let’s flood it with our response to the update. I’ve kicked off with:

@memrise Outraged by decision to migrate user-courses to Decks. User-courses are the core reason I use Memrise. A browser-platform + lack of offline capability is entirely inadequate and unacceptable. Urge you to reconsider - otherwise cancelling subscription and closing account

No one wants decks!
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Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses
Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses
The Death of Memrise
(Houssam Alissaed) #4
  1. Hit CEO Ed Cooke up on Twitter, too!

  1. Contact them through the support form

Feature Suggestions / Feedback seems like a good category to select

(Houssam Alissaed) #5
  1. Other

They also have a Facebook page and and Instagram if you want to leave comments there.

Also keep posting in the forum!

And if anyone else has any suggestions, please add below. Couldn’t find a number or a direct email address other than the press one, but feel free to contribute.

The more noise we make about this, the greater the chance they may take our views into accounts.

Good luck!

(Lukeff7) #6

Greats suggestions. Easiest and most effective thing is probably twitter, as that tends to get headlines publically as well.

(Oblomov62) #7

Don’t forget to re-rate the app! I changed my rating of the Android app to 1 star, stating that it will no longer support community created courses.

(Houssam Alissaed) #8

Great plan! Let us know on this thread when you have written so we know! So far I’ve written to Ed and Ben on Linked in, tweeted Ed and Memrise, and submitted feedback through the site - off to rate the app now.

(Esirmem91) #9

Just cancel your subscription as I just did.

(Bigheadjer) #10

I just cancelled my subscription as well and wrote a detailed comment as to why. I feel like this is the only way for them to hear us.

(Olaf Rabbachin) #11

Too bad both don’t allow you to post. All you can do is react whenever they post something …

(Lucas Heber) #12

The best way to make our voice heard en masse is hitting where it will hurt more.

Give low score review in their app in GooglePlay, App Store and Amazon Store. Write a review showing that you are outraged. Also make a review in your blog or website, if you have one.
Make the knew users aware how this platform changed for the worse. Threat their visibility in those stores.
Look through the review section of the stores and like the comments that talk about the problem for it gain visibility and be highlighted.


You can also leave a Google Maps review (using any Google Account) on their listing:

as well as being displayed on Google for any user (or journalist or investor) to see, it will also get emailed directly to someone in Memrise.


You can also contact their main investors (combined investment 15.5m USD) as follows:

Octopus Ventures:

Contact Email

Phone Number


Korelya Capital:

Contact Email

korelya@korelyacapital dot com

Phone Number

Balderton Capital:

Email Address:

Phone Number:

Avalon Ventures:

Phone Number:

Email Address:
info@avalon-ventures dot com


“We’re a technology company actively working to improve human consciousness, and to foster authentic engagement across communities.” - Ed Cooke

Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses
(Crazy Dave2345) #16

If you live in the UK and bought Memrise lifetime, I encourage you to sue Memrise. The cost to file goes from 25 to 115 pounds, depending on how you want to sue for, for an online filing.

If you live in the EU, you can also sue Memrise through its small claims court.

(Houssam Alissaed) #17

This was a great idea and am delighted to seethe reviews coming in on Google Maps! Keep it up everyone!,-0.0761996,17z/data=!4m7!3m6!1s0x48761cdda5b7b831:0xd59d54fdf20194b4!8m2!3d51.5184166!4d-0.0740109!9m1!1b1

(Houssam Alissaed) #18

Sent the following email to the investor addresses:

Hi all,

Suggest this email is passed onto senior management, it will likely be of interest.

Thought I’d let you all know that Memrise, the beneficiary of your pooled investment, is making a catastrophic mistake that is already losing it money.

Yesterday, Memrise announced it was scrapping user-created content and moving it to a browser-platform called Decks with no app and no offline capability.

For many users, the community and user-created content is Memrise’s USP - what differentiates it and makes it unique in a saturated market of language apps. Its proprietary courses work for some, but are of pedestrian quality, limited value, cover limited languages, and have a very low ceiling in terms of learner level. The ability to create custom courses, advanced courses, and courses for niche-languages are what makes Memrise amazing to us. And we as the user base are creating the content free of charge! You’re welcome, Memrise!

The announcement yesterday has been hit by an overwhelmingly negative response from Memrise’s core users. There are already 583 responses to the forum post, most of them damning (Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses). Search for a positive response, or better, search for needles in a field of haystacks. Users have made it clear that the migration of content to Decks is a deal-breaker, a decision in direct opposition to their customer needs.

Many, including myself, have terminated their Pro memberships and have no intentions of resubscribing unless this disastrous decision is reversed. I dread to think how much Memrise have lost in the last day in terms of subscriptions. Nor do I think this is a disgruntled minority of whingers - if the forum is any measure, there will be more of this to come. A quick glance at the Play Store, App Store, and Google Maps entry show that the public negative reviews in response to this decision are starting to mount.

We are all hoping Memrise see sense and swerve away from quite a terrible idea. We would love to keep using the app as we have always done, and that will not be possible with the proposed Deck migration.

Hope that you will also exert pressure on our behalf - as a business decision, this is an utterly bewildering act of self-harm.

Houssam, user of Memrise since 2014

Stay loud about your dislike of Decks
(Crazy Dave2345) #19

If you can, mark Memrise reviews that accurately and damagingly summarize the impact of the Decks update to a user who is considering installing the app as “Helpful” so they show up on the top reviews.

(Houssam Alissaed) #20

Great advice, I have done this for all the ones on the Google Play Store :slight_smile:

(Richardlanguage) #21

I see this has been coming for a long time. I wrote this in a review in August 2018! I got no response.

This used to be my go-to app for learning less common languages, like Basque and Georgian. I’ve been a pro member for a few years now. Now they removed the ability to access user created content (free to them!) from the app; you can only get it from the website. Why make it more complicated on purpose?! Why hide the content that was given to them for free, the only content I used? Now it will be a bad, expensive, Duolingo…

(Nldudok1) #22

Memrise is willingly handing over a large part of their paying userbase to the competition.
I know there are already several language apps.
But I am seriously considering to develop and publish a payed language app that supports community content.
Maybe call it memfall :wink:
If memrise does not want your money, I will gladly take it.
Anyone interested to join me on this.