Android & Web issues with image (Brambling)

Please could @MemriseSupport look into this issue.

On this course:

Birds in English seaside towns [♫ NT] - Memrise

The Android 10 App shows this:

and this

On the Windows 10 web (Firefox) it shows this:

But @Patrizioso reports he can see the Brambling image.

And I did see it on my Android web Browser!

Hi DW7,

Thanks for letting us know. I can indeed reproduce this on the Android app - the easiest solution for now I think is to try and replace the image and see if the issue persists.

Would @Patrizioso be able to do that?



try and replace the image

Many thanks @ale_c, is it to do with a non-preferred type (eg png or gif)?

Hi @ale_c,

This may help identify an issue.
Another course.

This time its also missing on the Android Firefox browser and the Firefox Windows 10 Browser.

Animals: Mammals, Birds, Fish, Insects,… - by thomasedgington - Memrise

I don’t remember an issue in the past.


As I am Contributor to the Curlew course, I’ve checked the level and although it says there IS an image, when I go to look I can’t see one.

Hi, I’ve now created a ticket for this as it looks like it’s more widespread than expected - internal code BA-7182.

In the meanwhile, I would still attempt the solution above - I don’t believe there are limitations based on the type of file you use, but please try to replace the image with a smaller version of it, and consider using a .jpg version of it if possible.

Our team will investigate the issue as soon as possible, however sadly I won’t be able to give you a timeframe for the fix right now.

Thanks for your patience,