Android UX change

It seems as if recently a change was introduced on Android that puts the “Learn Another Course” button on the top of the screen that lists courses.

This is extremely annoying because the most common action anybody takes is to review items in the most recently reviewed courses, which are now just below it. As a result, I’ve accidentally been taken to the new course selection when I really want to review the most recent course.

Please consider reverting this change.

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So I’m not alone - over the last days I accidentally tapped the “learn a new course” button a zillion times, what a bugger!
I suppose some research revealed that a ton of users wants to add a new language every second time they open up the course list. I’m sure a substantial amount of development time was invested to introduce this fundamental change for the better.

Needless to say that I do have a hunch that this happened accidentally as it covers the heading of the course list, probably someone messed with the CSS or whatever positions the button, or maybe it was simply some bored developer with a minute to spare and who chose to provoke users. (S)he is probably now leaning back with a bag of popcorn and reading the complaints here …

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This was unintended, a bug has been raised.

Two weeks have passed. Any pointers as to when this unintended change will have been reversed again?

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