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The difficult word bug is back, so I “reactivated” #19.

Also, it seems that this bug now also appears on the web, see this thread (Chrome on Mac).

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  1. seems fixed by version 2.94_17117 :slight_smile:
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Jep, noticed that as well! :slight_smile:

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Here’s something that I noticed earlier this morning: the overall count of words learned varies between the data as shown in your profile (left) and the infobox that pops up when you access your own user within a leaderboard (right). Interestingly, the Memrise website shows the same count as on the right in the screenshot below.

@JBorrego: the difficult word bug has almost been fixed with 2.94_17085. The only thing that still remains is that you cannot unflag a difficult word whilst in a session. It also doesn’t matter as to whether you initially flagged the word yourself or whether it was flagged due to having been answered wrongly.

The leaderboard bug (#21) seems to have been fixed as well. The only issue that remains there is that you have to manually update the board (I. e. by pulling down from the top of the screen) to update after you scored points (haven’t listed this one)

There’s a new bug now: while learning sessions (community courses only) with 3, 5 and 10 words work as expected (two sessions to complete the planting process), the app behaves strange when learning 7 words. In this case, the first session will cover all 7 words, after the second though you will be left with 5 words not completely planted. If you then learn 5 (instead of 7) new words, you’ll be left with 2 words after the 5w session. And if you then start a 3w session, each of those two remaining words will have to be answered once to complete the planting process. I’ve checked this twice, in different courses. Pretty awkward!
Added as #25.

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I have noticed that too. And I was wondering whether this could simply by design, though I don’t understand why they would design it that way.

I don’t usually learn 7 words (5 most of the time), so this could have been like that for some time, but I’m quite sure I would have noticed it before.

I have noticed the same problem for a while but it hadn’t aggravated me enough to write it up yet. I always learn10 new words and I noticed that some were not done by the 2nd round. I do not hope this is not by design because I really liked the previous one where the new words selected were completed.

@GabrieleCramer-Knebe, @Olaf.Rabbachin

By all appearance, I’ve earlier also encountered this and reported somewhere, and it was because of another bug* when accidentally switching to a 7 words learning session.

*Memrise app has a hard time with memorising your learning settings after new entrance into it

thanks again.

a- Cool, that is a small regression from that flagging @DW7 issue. we will look into it :slight_smile:

b- interesting that leaderboard thing, ill pass the feedback see if we can autorefresh that leaderboard screen.

c- thanks all for your feedback on that 7 words issue, I will investigate a bit more and let you know what happened


@JBorrego, @clvnb: it seems that the DW-bug has re-surfaced. I’ve noticed that several words that I flagged during a regular session didn’t “survive” the session.

Also, the app seems to have become quite laggy over the past two weeks. On the dashboard, I’ll often have to scroll up in the courses list to make the course that I have just worked on move to the top of the list. And sometimes, after having finished a session and that session’s overview is being presented, I can’t even check whether a word got added to the DW-list as the buttons are irresponsive, the only thing possible then is to go back to the dashboard.

@JBorrego: I think the problem with the difficult words is simply a timing problem. That is, it takes too long for your database to set/unset the flag.
I’d assume that, under the hood, this really is an asynchronous request and should thus result in the flag being changed no matter whether or not it shows up in the app right away. But as it seems, the app seems to need a fair amount of time to actually send the request. If anything happens during that time (such as un-/flagging a different item in the recap, or moving on to the next item during a session), the request obviously isn’t sent at all, resulting in the aforementioned problems.

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Thank you Olaf, we will be looking at this when the full team is back starting next week. Let’s see if we can close that one for good soon.

On the sluggishness, I hope it has got a bit better? if not, could you let us know?



It might have gotten a bit better (hard to say really), but it’s still painful at times. The newest issue I observed was that, after a (speed) review session, the app was sort of locked up - all you could do was change the DW-flag or return to the home screen, but you couldn’t tap the three-dots-button.

See also this thread.

@jborrego Seems like someone shortened the number of words in speed reviews. Now it’s only 50 items to review. I thought the whole idea of speed reviews was to glance over as much items as possible, and if you can not reach 100, it’s your problem, try harder to remember. Another screw up, guys. :frowning:

Besides, red wave thing has become more distracting than earlier. Not sure if it’s a good thing or bad. And if you have audio, with the latest update speed review is about 50% longer. The first impression is that it is now slow review mode for some courses.

Today I went through a couple of Speed Review sessions for courses that had items to be reviewed.
On my Android device, it now only went through the words that were to be reviewed and stopped when those were done. I’m pretty sure this was unintentional, @JBorrego?

And I’m 100% with @Hombre_sin_nombre: the red progressbar that moves from bottom to top now appears behind the MPC items whereas, before, it was only a border. This is painfully distracting. And I can also confirm that the SR has gotten sort of laggy.

Now there has recently been quite a few new things that I would bet are related to performance issues. Apart from The SR, the dashboard is currently a real pain. That is, when changing from one course to another:

  • you might have to scroll up and down 2-3 times until the system will “acknowledge” that you’re on a different course; until then, starting i. e. a review session will do so for the formerly selected course
  • in the course-list, the formerly selected course should move to the top of the list, but often it just doesn’t or only does so after a while; thus, you might end up selecting a different course than you intended.

And the difficult words problems (flagging/unflagging as well as a “hang” when chaning the flag after a session) are most probably also performance related, I suppose.

Being the database guy that I am, I just cant resist (sorry about that :slight_smile:): could you guys be missing a few indexes in your DBs? Have you considered an index-rebuild or profiling its performance?

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The same issue on my side since forever:

And this bug I see from time to time, or an old course, not visited for some time, could suddenly appear at the top:

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@JBorrego Hey, is there someone in your team who is using Memrise app? :slight_smile: It was December, some time before holiday season, when there appeared a button. It does not work for about two months, it’s like empty. I can’t believe no one noticed it, and the button is still there, non-functioning. Or is it just for decoration purposes?

Hi @Hombre_sin_nombre i have literally just checked that and i can’t reproduce the issue you are describing. It all seems to work well on all devices we can cover. Could you please dm me with more details about your device?