Android bugs - no Learn with Locals + Speed Review gave examples from previous course

I was trying to get Learn with Locals, but have noticed that one has to do a session of review before the words appear …

I decided to do the 4 speed review in Italian 1 but was presented with 4 flags from the previous course I had just been reviewing.

Very odd @MemriseSupport & @ale_c

Has anyone else experienced either issue?

Hi DW7, sorry about this.

  1. You will sometimes have to complete a review session to force the app to ‘refresh’ the number of items that can be reviewed with other modes, such as Learn with Locals or Pronunciation. This is a limitation with the app, but should only occur rarely, e.g. when you first launch the app after a reinstall. Is this happening often?

  2. This shouldn’t be happening: are you able to uninstall the app, restart your device and then reinstall it? This should fix the issue.

If it keeps occurring, please let us know which device you’re using, your OS (e.g. Android 10, 11 etc), the version of the app, and steps to reproduce, e.g. does this only happen when you launch the mode via the ‘next up’ yellow button? Or also when you select a mode via the mode selector (button with the dots)?

I look forward to your response.



Thanks for your comments Alessio, glad you know about the first issue.

I’ll keep you informed if I notice the second issue again.

Hi @ale_c ,

Similarly I’ve just done Learn with Locals on Italian 7 then went to French 1 to learn.

When I quit part way through I was shown Italian 7.

I then found French 3 and went to learn with locals and stopped part way through and was back on Italian 7 again.

Hi, sorry to hear yo’re still experiencing this. I’ll create a ticket. Do you have more details on the below?

I look forward to your response.

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I don’t use the next up as I like to choose, so I tap the grid then select.

I’ll try and provide more information.

It’s not too much of an issue - I get round it.

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