Android App exceedingly slow off-line

I find that the Android app is very very slow off-line; both the initial start (sits on image of starting rocket), as well as every single course that I open to revise (sits there waiting for the pointless scroll up through the levels), and the first set of words to revise (blue screen ‘Warming up Engines’) seems to take 20-30 seconds before it loads up.
Performance is normal afterwards, the delays look like it tries to contact the server, and waits for a time-out?
Is there a setting to affect this? I’m on the latest app version, and performance is not an issue whilst connected.

Did you ever find out what was going on with this? I sometimes get it (normally if I’m in a rush and want it to load quickly!) and other times don’t

nah, it’s still doing it, on and off. I guess Memrise have other priorities than tracking down performance issues which might be intermittent/environment related/hard to resolve <waits for the next bells&whistles upgrade which degrades core learning functionality>

If you have your courses downloaded for offline use but you have a very weak WiFi / mobile data signal the app might still be trying to sync or do something online. It probably does that frequently to avoid sync issues with progress.

Unfortunately it doesn’t time out quickly enough and switch to properly being “offline” on slow connections.

Have you tried putting your device into airplane mode while you do your study session? This has helped when I had this issue. Then once you have a good signal again, come out of airplane mode and let the app do a sync.

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I was recently having this problem, and I suspect that’s what was causing it. I tried turning Airplane mode on and the load times seemed to improve dramatically. Thanks for posting!

I could see that with a weak signal, yes. But not when the phone knows and displays that it’s offline (or only if memrise, instead of using the information the phone has, runs its own timeouts every single time)