Android App and web app not syincing

Android app is working good, I believe.

But I use both, Android when on a run, and web when next to my PC, so…

Today it took long for app and web to sync (I did review on my phone, and it took 10mins for web to acknowledge it.

Now android says I am on 12 days streak for my French 3, and web says 13.
(android a raison :wink: )

EDIT: I just saw that all my french courses (excluding French 1) in web app show +1 day streak!

It’s an old bug, been reported here.

Hi @ramajana,

Yes, as @Hombre_sin_nombre kindly mentioned, the streaks issue is known to us. For other syncing issues, can you please ensure you pull down on your dashboard to refresh? If this does not work, can you please try logging out and into the app?

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Memrise team.