An Update On Learning Settings

Hello all :wave:

We have been working on making learning settings available to our alpha and beta users. As per the name, these settings allow you to customise your learning experience, namely by adapting the types of tests you get throughout your learn and review sessions.

We have now implemented the following features, which were part of our previous product experience:

Audio Tests Toggle
Disabling audio tests removes tests requiring audio from your learn and review sessions, namely:

  • video and audio questions
  • audio multiple choice response

This setting applies to all Modes, except Learn with Locals and Listening Skills

Tapping Tests Toggle
This setting disables tests where you would have to order a set of words to form a sentence

→ Tip: Disabling tapping & audio tests will contribute to increasing other test types, such as text questions with typing tests.

Lesson Timer Toggle
To build a better learning experience, reduce complexity and align our product across web and mobile platforms, we have decided not to progress with the learning session timer that existed in learn and review sessions in our previous product experience. As part of that, we have removed the Lesson Timer Toggle from the Learning Settings page for our alpha & beta experience.

→ Note: There are no changes to the timers in Speed Review, as these are inherent to how the mode works - they will always be there!

Where to find learning settings

  1. clicking on your avatar on the top right hand corner of the screen, followed by clicking on settings.

Screenshot 2021-04-20 at 12.04.10

  1. Selecting the “Learning” tab in the middle of the screen.


Great. :slight_smile:

But could you please split “Disable audio” into two options? One for video and one for audio.

I want video, but I don’t want the pure audio tests.

PS! We need more settings! More customisation!