American English for Vietnamese

Why are there NO American English for Vietnamese study?
It’s unfair to Vietnamese that they can’t learn American English. Please support Vietnamese to learn American English.
Thank you!

There are some community-made courses.

Thank you so much!
I am prefer OFFICIAL Memrise American English courses for Vietnamese as Korean. Why don’t they provide it while Americans English is more popular than British English to Vietnamese?

By the way I am living in Korean and Vietnamese have to pay the same fee as Korean to use this Apps. This is unfair for me to pay same but less official courses!

There’s always Duolingo.

I understand you frustration. I think it is a lot of work to make two courses and they perhaps count how many learners there are. Maybe there are just not enough to learners to justify the work.
But I encourage you to do British. I know I’d like to the learn American English, but I can tell you that in the end you wil be perfectly able to understand and make yourselves understood in either variant. It’s different, but not that much to worry.

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I’m really not good at pronunciation while learning English. I will be confused and can’t communicate.
It’s difficult to learn British English because I mostly in American English environments. . By the way, Vietnamese prefer learning American English. I believe that there are Vietnamese learner if Memrise had official American English courses.

Thank you!

I’m also waiting for American English for Vietnamese.