Am I allowed to promote, e.g make a post about a new course I have created?

Hey there, just wanted to clarify if I’m allowed to make a post and basically promote users to try out my course I am developing right now? Thanks

Sure. that way people find your course(s).

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I suggest you create a thread here and put “[course forum] name” in the subject line (where “name” is the name of your course). This is the regular way of allowing users to comment on your course. It also helps a lot to add a link to the thread into your course’s description.

As an example, check out this course and its description:

And here’s the accompanying forum thread (also found in the description above):


I agree with @Olaf.Rabbachin with three further comments (for clarity):

  1. Make the thread in the appropriate category.

  2. Say it’s “by Lweny” at the end of the title.
    eg [Course Forum] title by Lweny

  3. Finally give a link to the course as the first post.

Hope people enjoy it :smiley:


Okay thanks everyone!