Alternatives won't accept as correct

Since switching to Decks, I have had problems with the Alternative Answers vanishing (no problem; I replaced them), and refusing to function correctly. While they work fine in one course I created, they appear in the “more” section in the word display, but will not be accepted as correct answers in another course. Please help! Thanks!


I am having the same problem with my course. When the correct alternative answers appear along with the primary answer in multiple choice, clicking on an alternative registers as incorrect. They are accepted for type-in answers, but not multiple choice.

The trouble is that there are multiple ways to say the same thing, and they are equally valid, so there’s no easy way to choose the “more correct” answer - which is why it’s important for alternative answers to be accepted. It’s aggravating when an answer is correct, but the system won’t accept it. For example, I have two separate entries for the English “Am I happy?” One is further up the page than the screenshot shows, and the second shown here. When the multiple choice screen prompts with “Am I happy?” and gives the choices: “O’ma lowen?” AND “Ov vy lowen?” I don’t know which one it’s referring to, so in the most recent case when I tested it out, I clicked on “Ov vy lowen?” and it said it was incorrect, and that the correct answer was “O’ma lowen?”. I checked, and I did have the alternate in there at the time, as shown in the screen shot.

I would also like to know if there is a way to fix this. Thanks!

Hi @Eve_Ravenclaw and @RBB_Fields,

Sorry you are having trouble.

I assume you are talking about the web version.

It is worth giving links to courses affected so @MemriseSupport can look at it.

However, in case you don’t know, alternatives should be accepted when typed (sometimes needing an enter to action it) and can be ‘visible’ or ‘invisible’.

The problem with alternatives is that in tapping, one has to know the original (the one showing in the list).

There used to be a way of showing both eg

answer A; answer B

which would accept either.

What I do is the above, and then give each single answer as a hidden alternatives (so either is then accepted) as the system has changed several ways.

If you’d done all that and the above doesn’t help then it seems like a bug to me and only the MemRise staff can consider (and hopefully fix).

Just looked at your image - you may not be putting the alternative in the right column.

The alternatives for that should be “like” and “as”.

If you want “pxel” as an alternative it has to be in the other column, where you currently have “na”.

Try that.

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So if I understand correctly, the problem with the “tapping” answers is that the system doesn’t know that the “wrong” one is listed as an alternate, because the alternates only work for typed in answers? Seems like this could be fixed, but for now it looks like I’ll have to differentiate my prompts somehow.

There’s more than one way to say “Am I happy?” and neither one is more correct than the other - and I would like to teach both ways. I guess I’ll just have to figure out some sort of clue that will make me think of one way rather than the other.


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Hi Rachel @RBB_Fields ,

I hope my reply about where to give alternatives helped and that “pxel” is now working as an alternative to “na”.

If you want to see both alternatives (for tapping) and but be allowed to choose one when tapping, then my solution above should solve that.


There’s more than one way to say “Am I happy?”

You can insist on both being required - “answer A, answer B”.
But in case someone forgets the order, then give “answer B, answer A” as a hidden alternative.


I guess I’ll just have to figure out some sort of clue that will make me think of one way rather than the other.

What some people do is to say one entry QWERT (formal) and another answer ASDF (informal).
It can also apply to (singular) and (plural) as in the use of “you”.
Just in case the () becomes required in a typing test, then give QWERTY a hidden alternative.

Hope those thoughts help.

BTW if you want to be sure I see your reply it’s safer to start with @DW7.

PS the course above seems to be hidden.
Is that intentional until you’ve finished setting it up?

All the best.

You could also read the very helpful “How to” notes.