Alternatives to memrise?

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This topic is very relevant at this time, so I will lift it up.

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I’ve been using a website called It’s a project that’s less than 1 year old and it’s mainly focused on the Japanese market (but works for any language really). A lot of the features are already superior to what Memrise offers. The concept of community decks there is lovely. The downsides are that it won’t be free once it gets out of beta and that it doesn’t have apps available. The web version for Android works well though.

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Hi, this is Volker, the author of Memorion, a very function-rich flashcard management app for Android, based on a spaced-repetition algorithm and offering learning games very similar to Memrise.
Intro Video:

One of my users pointed out the upcoming problems with Memrise to me. He migrated his cards via Anki into Memorion (Memorion can read Anki .apkg files).
In the recent version 10 of Memorion I made some tweaks to be able to import cards via MemriseUtilities into Memorion. Please follow this step-by-step guide:

Once ‘Decks’ will be available, I will see what I can do to import cards directly from it. At the moment it is to early to say what will be possible.

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hi Volker
thank you very much. That would be great.
Vielen Dank!