Alternatives to memrise?

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Thank you @Kaimi, I’ll take a look. I have spent time in the past on Rosetta Stone (still have it somewhere). I hadn’t thought of Youtube videos. Thanks again.

(Kotodama) #42

Thanks seems pretty good. It looks like it has English -> Russian, English -> Spanish as well as a bunch more. I think I saw a Japanese -> English option as well.

(Vuski) #43

Yeah it appears that they’ve added more languages since the last time I checked.

Here’s a complete list of all the languages that are currently available if anyone else is curious as to what is available in Lingvist.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #44

i’ve tries lingvist for a while, and did not get impressed… so to say. And they have no Chinese.

I’d be happy with an alternative to memrise… this is the third time in 2 years, when i have to change item by item, hundreds and thousand of items because they change sth without saying one word of warning… getting tired…

making money with beginner courses as phone app is absolutely legitimate, but they started as webversion and forgot about consequences…

edit: what is this banner “this side is in reading only mode”


How about Duolingo? It’s a really good site for language learning, although the variety of languages available is not much. :anguished:

I used to use it, but due to personal reasons, switched back to Memrise. It does, however, have a really neat community discussions system, which is intermingled with the learning. :smiley:

(Rob Fuller) #47

I think that Duolingo is good for the very basics. But I gave up on it after my (native German-speaking) partner told me that the German sentences Duolingo was getting me to learn sounded very unnatural, as if they had not been written by native speakers.


That’s true, but everyone needs exposure to native speakers to know how to speak.
For example, a friend of mine asked me to teach him Japanese by speaking to him, and now he’s semi-fluent. :smiley_cat:

(Rob Fuller) #49

Yes, I meant that Duolingo seemed to be getting me to learn phrases that sounded like they had been Google Translated, which is not very useful.

By the way, the thing I love about Lingvist (after using it for a couple of weeks) is that, unlike most of these resources, I don’t have to figure out what level I am or compromise with courses that aren’t exactly what I need. Instead, their system figures out what I know and what I don’t know and adjusts the new vocabulary it presents me with as I go along.


Lingvist sounds like a great language site. Thanks for mentioning it. :slight_smile:

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Does lingvist get harder as it progresses? I’m not finding much value in the fill in one word approach just yet.

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Duolingo is a great replacement for a game though as a replacement for serious language learning I’m not as impressed. I use it as an addition, I wouldn’t recommend replacing serious language learning resources with it. It does ok with languages with Latin scripts, with completely different scripts it’s not set up well for. Also, Duolingo has been dumbing itself down fairly consistently over the last year. It seems they would rather boast about numbers of users than numbers of people learning anything real.

(Mikatu) #53

I will be using Quizlet as the main source, with Anki as support.
Memrise I will continue because there are some courses I need to do here.

Other alternative is Byki (before you know it), but I never saw anyone mention it before.
For me that was the first flashcard app/software I used.

Duolingo I find it useless because the sentences make no sense, and I like to learn real stuff not “where is my duck?” or “I am a banana”.

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@mikatu ~ I used BYKI for a long time before coming to Memrise (and I still use it now to supplement some of my current learning needs). It is an old program, and by industry standards quite antiquated, but very simple to use and the cards are easy to create and maintain.

I never mentioned it before because I assumed no one had ever heard of it. It was created by a very small company. I don’t think they have updated it since Version 4, so a user doesn’t have to worry about logging in and finding something has changed since the last time they used it. Unlike some scenarios Memrise users encounter of late. (No changes of course have negative impacts as well.)

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Are you seriously suggestion I will never get to use “Mina föräldrar tycker inte om att du äter myror”? Now I’m sad.

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In my opinion it does, as the words I have been learning have progressively gotten more and more complicated although I guess it’s more a matter of perspective and how far along you are in your language learning.

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[quote=“mikatu, post:52, topic:6394”]I will be using Quizlet as the main source, with Anki as support. . . . BYKI (before you know it).

Can I please check with you all - are all these alternatives just for learning languages or are there say Geography courses available?

Presumably one can create one’s own courses but not much point if other similar courses do not exist.


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@DW7 ~ Hope all is well with you. BYKI is a language only learning site. There are courses for 70 different languages, but no non-language offerings.

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Many thanks @pdao and @alanh.
I have indeed found that BYKI is only language but Quizlet is more informative and varied.
I have even found one group on Clouds:
It seems that Anki needs to be downloaded before I find out much about it.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #61

anki is cumbersome, older versions used to be better/ lighter. I cannot really bring it to function properly on a tablet, eats to much resources