Alternative forum

With the (probably final) end of the Memrise forum looming ahead, I’d welcome links to other fora where we may continue our discussions.

The one I have been using ever since / while the forum had been gone: Reddit/Memrise


Thanks Olaf. As the Reddit/Memrise site is already up and running it seems the best place for us to migrate to, at least until such time as a better alternative becomes available.


When the Duolingo community forum has gone away the Duome forum and its associated SHOF users have done many efforts to be a replacement to share resources, be a place to ask questions about products or for specific target languages.

A sub forum Memrise already exists:

I don’t expect that we can squeeze the whole Memrise community forum and all old threads into it.
But we could create a few more sub forums to give it more structure reserved for Memrise and user-created courses.


Where there is a will there is a way.

The forum has saved a lot of things.

And we can create more forums.
And from I know of the community at, we will do what we can to save the information and resources here. Though we will need help.

The help of this community here.

If people could reach out for example - to put in requests at : Requests - Duolingo Forum
we will do what we can.

And if people could copy and past important information into new posts, and we can restructure them over time.

There are also resources to help archive web sites. Can someone help with recommendations on that ?

And then also link to them from Duolingo Forum - Forums

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Hello All!
I do also moderate the Duome forum, but there is another project that’s been around a little longer, and is a bit different!

You are welcome to join:
Life & Language

This is a language club, created in November 2020. We are proud to have just celebrated our third anniversary!

There are 36 language folders, general English discussion, current events topics, fun topics, word games, a chat bar, and a PM function. (Also, there are many learners who have self-created their own book club!–an off-shoot feature from Duolingo.)

I am the Admin (learning Ukrainian), and my partner Linda7Italian (learning Italian) is the Global Moderator, who also heads the Italian forum:

Note: As a language club, many facets of conversation are allowed. You do need to register before taking a peek, but I’ve provided a screenshot of the home page (condensed in size) so that you can see the esthetics and theme. (This is my screenshot, so the Admin tab will not be visible to anyone else.)

We look forward to meeting you!