All Media Stop Playing

All was working fine suddenly all media stopped playing (Video and sound). I can continue to the next stage but not play any media. There are no error messages it just does not play. For the video the PLAY logo is there but the video does not appear or play.

I tried refreshing the page several times.

MacOS latest version Ventura 13.3.1
Safari 16.4

Hi, is it working now? I’ve tested on multiple devices and all seems to be fine.
If you’re still having a problem could you try logging into the website with another device such as your phone so we can see if it’s a problem with your setup on that device

The prolem resurfaced. It seems after a certain amount of time the issue occurs.

Reloading does not solve the issue.

Workaround: I close the browser and reopen then I see the media (Video). At least I resume where I was.

Can you try using the website on
1- a different browser
2- a different device such as your phone
We need to establish where the problem is occurring