All columns have the same color during testing

Hi. I want to report this issue because I’ve been stuck to Speed Review for some time now because the normal testing method no longer differentiates different columns with different colors. Speed Review is OK too if I want to get things done fast, but I’d like to go back to normal testing because it’s harder and makes you remember words more deeply.

The thing is that before, Hiragana reading testing appeared in purple while English word testing appeared in green. Now everything is in purple and I have to read “Type the Hiragana for…” or “Type the English for…” while I’m reviewing to know what it is asking me for. I just can’t do that, I can’t focus if I have to read the sentence for every single word.

I’d like the different colors to return, because it’d be a shame to be stuck for ever to Speed Review. Memrise normal review was such an awesome testing platform before this…


This was a deliberate change, and they’re not considering reverting it back. Dumb decision, as we have complaints about it every week.

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Deliberate change? WTF?! Are they retards or what? I hope they think it over. Otherwise, Memrise is dead for me.