After typing a correct answer, I get the points but can't advance

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Description of the issue: I’m currently taking the Japanese I course and have recently had a strange issue. For questions that require input (i.e. non-multiple choice questions), I prefer to type instead of clicking each character with my mouse. Sometimes when I do this, if the answer is correct, it will delete my answer from the box and won’t advance me to the next page, but still award me points. So I can stay on the same page and keep entering the same answer and keep getting points for it. The strange thing is that this only started happening recently and it only SOMETIMES does it. If I use my mouse to manually click each character, it always works, but this is really tedious and annoying.

Your device and browser details - Currently using Google Chrome on Windows 10
Steps to reproduce the issue - Described above, but again, it happens randomly.
Screenshots of the problem?

I have screenshots but I can’t accurately show my point without a before and after shot, but for some reason I can’t because I’m a new user? Why the hell can new users only have one embedded item in a post? PLEASE CHANGE THIS TOO, MEMRISE