After reaching 100% listening skills fails to load

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Ever since I reached 100% completion of the course “Learn Tibetan” (Learn Tibetan - by Zefortiche - Memrise ) when I go back to review I still sometimes get the “listening skills” suggestion, but every time I click on it I get the error screen: “Whoops! Listening Skills couldn’t load
For some reason Listening Skills couldn’t load. This might be because there aren’t enough items with audio in your review list. Why not go back and rack up some more items in learn?”

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MacOS 10.13.6
Chrome 108.0.5359.124

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  • be me
  • finish the course “Learn Tibetan” so that it shows you have learned 100% of the words
  • click “Listening Skills”, which always used to work even just earlier in the same day before I reached 100%.
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Since then I have tried clearing my browser cookies for this site but it did not fix it.

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I pasted the error message above.

Hi, i just tested this on your account and it seemed to work fine, perhaps there was a temporary blip in your review cycle syncing properly

Thank you! it works again now :smile: