Aesthetical Problems & Feature requests

Continuing the discussion from Unable to Create Courses on Mobile:

Over the past few days I have thought of some additional features I would like to see as well as I have noticed some aesthetical problems within the current design.

Problems and Feature Requests:

It would be nice to have the ability to rate mems so the best and most useful ones show up first.

I am a little confused as to why Monday and Wednesday are not showing up next to the other days of the week?

Also the ‘unlock full experience’ seems unnecessary, especially because there is a dedicated tab for users to learn about becoming a subscribed member. It is too much in your face and it takes up too much room.

This one is a feature request probably for the Decks app, it would be nice to see the creator of the course on the app just like it is on the website version. Since decks is a community based app it would be useful to show users created course and mems in their profiles, that way users can follow them and see what content their favourite course creators are making

I don’t know if it is just me but the profile layout just doesn’t look right. The shield looks out of place especially the green colour (not sure if this changes with each level), the lumped together text just appears like a body of text rather than statistics, and the badge on the profile picture is annoying because it takes up a large chunk of the image.

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That was something that existed on the web version of memrise, many moons ago, but it was removed.

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Yeah I remember, I found it odd why they removed it. :unamused:

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Some more observations:

• The Memrise app on IOS should have the swipe gesture to see the list of courses from the start page.

• Why is speed review available for free on android and not IOS? Seems a little unfair.

• It would be nice to be able to add bios to our profiles again. This will help reinforce a community feel and help users connect with each other.