Advice on splitting up sentences?

Hi! I’m enjoying the course so far but struggling a bit with breaking down phrases so that I really understand them rather than just parroting the whole thing. I always find it harder to remember things if I don’t understand them fully.

For example “of course, that’s fine”
Literal = of-course, good isよ(why is “yo” not translated here by the way?)
Romaji = mochiron, ī desu yo

I see that mochiron is “of-course” but “good” and “is” is trickier and took various googling. Am I right that ī = good, desu = “it is” and “yo” is just for emphasis?

Are there any reliable tools/tactics you can recommend in these situations? Or maybe it just helps to also be studying a separate course on grammar along side? Just trying to keep the flow going as it quickly gets very frustrating to stop to break down each sentence without a reliable goto source.