Advice on catching up?

(Ultimate Batdave) #1

It turned out that I fell out of learning Japanese through Memrise for a while, and now it’s so discouraging to see hundreds of words pending for review. Whenever I convince myself to exercise for an hour or two, I just wake up the next day to see that literally no progress has been made.

I just don’t know how to catch up and get into learning again. Any advice?

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #2

It used to have a script for that but it’s not working after a memrise update.
You can disable the words that became easy to remember and use the speed review mode.

(Mila) #3

Hi @ultimate_batdave :slight_smile:

The time for review is short only at the beginning, but it is getting more and more spaced out. You can read an explanation in the following post:

(Thomas Heiss) #4


I have the very same problem with Portuguese 1-5 (6) + “Learn PT BR Basics”.

I do not want to use “Speed reviews” (even it has been extensively improved on the web recently) or mobile apps, but “classic reviews” with “all typing” Tampermonkey userscript support to truly test me in RECALLING.

Basically, we would need “Overdueness” SR support as Coojingle’s “Catch Up Review” is not working anymore since a code update on web web in September 2017 :frowning:

As I have requested in 1-2 or 3 other threads before (I had tagged 1-2 members from Memrise staff).

BTW: Kevin confirmed in one of those threads that “Overdueness” support is not coming shortly with the introduction of DECKS (which won’t help us for the official 1-7 course series).

But I actually do have the problem with the offical Memrise courses on the web which will stay there.

If you do not like multiple-choice and Speed reviews or Cooljingle’s “all-multiple-choice” userscript (for supporting classic reviews) my only suggestion - sadly to say - right now is:

Export your completed courses from Memrise to AnkiSRS if you are not interested in course leaderboards.

This addon shall keep your word learning statistics and current SR interval when you create the deck on AnkiSRS.
AnkiSRS has true SR “Overdueness” support.

You can even create “filtered decks” to review:

  • recently learned words: due <7d (e.g 4+12h, 1-4 or 6 days) or more DIFFICULT words/phrases/sentences with a higher error rate which you constantly would have to review more often

  • due >7d or any other SR interval you manually specify (e.g >30, >90-180)

With those special filters and extra Overdueness review support in the AnkiSRS browser, you can catch-up more easily and blend out all the other words you know very well.

Personally I had been very satisfied with Cooljingle’s “Catch-Up review” code solution and it worked quite good in 2016 in 2017 for my PT1-5 courses when I took longer breaks of some weeks.

And now it has been months when I completed the first offical courses but stopped reviewing them and my backlog queue is FULL.

I would have loved to also try SuperMemo how it can additionally assist me in auto tweaking their more enhanced SR algorithms to my personal “forgetting curves”.

But with any CSV export (which would AnkiSRS support) we will be losing your learning / word streaks statistics.

A a) “I know this word very well - do not ask me again within the next 90-180 days” or b) EASY answer button would be a very nice thing in trying to catch up with our overfilled backlog queue.

I also believe that the Memrise default of completely RESETTING our SR interval back to the 4/12/24h interval is not always appropriate on “near misses” (red errors), especially with the situation in “Overdueness” classic and full typing reviews.

The special handling of yellow errors (with typing) might not help either to blend out more words.

AnkiSRS also supports a review option in the advanced settings to reset the SR interval to one of the previous SR intervals (current streak minus a percentage number you can personally adjust).

I rather would like to use this special option for “near misses” with a c) dedicated 3rd/4th (whatever) answer button, instead of treating ALL words/phrases/sentences the same and resetting EVERYTHING which I have not correctly answered back to shorter SR intervals, especially when the offical 1-7 courses often miss sentence alternatives.