Adverts in the apps

Just wondering, did they roll out advertisements in the app with this recent release? I don’t remember seeing them before. Or perhaps I’ve just lost adblocking support on my phone. I know the company needs to make money but there’s few things more irritating than full screen adverts that you can’t close. Guess I’ll stick to studying on the desktop.

Adverts were added recently in order to help support the cost of providing the service to a growing number of users who aren’t able or are unwilling to purchase a subscription, many of whom have been using the product without paying for years. While we’re very grateful for their loyalty to the app we need to offset some of those costs to let us keep investing in the service and adverts was the chosen approach to let users keep using the product without paying.
We hoped a 5 second advert every second learning session wouldn’t be too disruptive to those unable to pay, and using full screen adverts means we don’t need to try and put small ads on every page in the app.
We also lowered our prices on Android and Web to make our subscriptions more affordable, for instance in the UK it’s now £25 for a year, or just under 7 pence a day if you take advantage of one of our many 50% off deals.


Personally I’d support Memrise advertising subscription/donation plans more aggressively to users with, say, more than 5M points. I mean, if they’ve gathered so many points and benefited so much from your site, they should at least treat your guys a lunch or something, unless they really can’t!

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This is a good point, and the kick in the teeth I needed myself… I’ve never gotten a Pro plan because all the features I care about the most are free (I use the desktop site exclusively), but I’ll happily pay to support community courses.


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You know, I’d be more inclined to buy a subscription if instead of focusing on adding more aggressive ads to the app every few months, you guys would instead sort out the bug where a review session on the app doesn’t get synced with the website and has to be done again there, which is a bug that’s been plaguing the app for years.


It doesn’t get synced if you’ve been doing it offline, because it doesn’t have the way to sync up… Or am I wrong? I have experienced this only when I did an offline session and didn’t go online on the phone after that.

You can’t even do it offline to begin with if you don’t have a subscription.


A fair point and I could afford it. I was close to paying for premium a while back but I wasn’t sure if the premium features were worth it. Getting rid of adverts on the app might be though. I think the main thing that put me off though was the thought of subscribing to something that seems to just keep getting worse with each update. It’s still as usable and useful for me but it’s much uglier and the appification of the desktop site and seeming inability to sync daily goals on app and desktop is annoying. I’ll never get used to the ‘yellow theme.’


‘‘thought of subscribing to something that seems to just keep getting worse with each update…’’

lol. Those words probably sting them pretty hard.


Memrise needs to have a word with Google about suitable ads for the app. I was rather unpleasantly surprised to have this garbage show up in between review sessions while waiting at a store. If I had the sound turned on, it would have been even worse.
It’s perhaps not particularly clear from that screencap, but the ad was quite brazenly presenting the lead in to a sex scene that surely doesn’t exist in the actual game, but it’s not like mobile ads are ever known for their honesty.


Hi Cerzel, you should absolutely not be seeing this, on Google Ads we have disabled the showing of ads from all adult categories and other categories that we don’t want to be associated with. Of course this relies on the advert being categorised by the service and unscrupulous advertisers can file adverts in the wrong category until Google takes them down.
If you see one again, then every advert from google should have 2 icons in a corner, one of which lets you report ads to google to help this unscrupulous advertisers be taken down.


Alright, fair enough. Is the report icon supposed to be that tiny “i” in the bottom left?

That’s right.

I recently started trying the Memrise mobile app again after not touching it for several years, and I haven’t seen any full screen ads yet, or ads that play sound. Although I used to have a paid account (Memrise premium), I discontinued it after a few years when it became clear they weren’t going to un-break the community courses. I never paid for features, I only paid because I wanted to support Memrise. But since I don’t have a paid account, I figure I should be seeing the ads people are complaining about, shouldn’t I?

[ Also, to be clear, if I ever did get an unwanted ad that starts playing sound, that would make me quit the app immediately and probably not come back. Ads that play sound when you didn’t expect it are truly obnoxious! ]