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I’m using an “Additional column” for all of my decks which I call Example (every word has an example sentence).
This column is set as “Show after tests”, so when I’m doing rehearsal and find the right word, it will show my example sentence also, which is great! However it only shows like for a second, because the deck immediately jumps to the next question.
Is there any chance to make a little waiting time, or it do not switch to the next question until I tap on my phone or something?

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I don’t think that is possible, but you could try adding it as a (visible) “Alternative” to each entry so it shown when people are learning it or getting it wrong.

But perhaps you can see it when learning it (or getting it wrong) anyway if it’s in a column already?

Sorry I can be more helpful, but one of the MemRise team might be able to comment.

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What you can do alternatively is to add a regular column (no attribute). When you do this, you can click/tap the “plus” icon in the (Android) app and in the web-app you’ll find a “More” (and “Less”) link that you can use to expand/minimize the column’s text where existent.

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