Adding vowels in arabic

I am making a course Gateway to arabic. I try to add vowels but I can’t!!! I look everywhere on Google Translate. They do have the words but not the vowels. Do you have any ideas or webs where I can do this?
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@Sixcheetahs If you want to add the vowels (or harokat) like البَابُ instead of الباب you need to type it yourself (from keyboard).

speaking of adding harakat: how do you enter dagger alif? e.g. هٰذا
in the second level of this course: if you don’t type it, the answer is only half right, but I found no way to insert it from the keyboard (only by copy/paste from a writing programm by choosing insert special character).
has anyone else had this problem and how can we solve it?

@Lamia_Thita yes, it’s unfortunate, the special character like that shouldn’t be put in writing test, because it’s not standard, especially if you use it on the mobile app.
the unicode for dagger alif is u+670. you can prepre it by writing it in word processor ahead.

as for the phone, you can use keyboard that support unicode input such multilink. or you could use gboard, the dagger alif is there, just like other harokat. long press on the dot, then look for the harokat you want to use.

tha’t all I know about it. maybe somebody else knows better.

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@Lamia_Thita Indeed, this is a special character, that you find in Quranic verses in general, but not used in non quranic writing. Maybe the teacher wanted to point out that هذا is read this way: هاذا; of course the alif is pronouced and not written; Note that the word هذا is the combination of two words: ها (هاء التنبيه) + ذا (اسم إشارة )
In my opinion, you’d better contact the course creator and ask him/her to add an alternative, so that your answer will be marked correct.