Adding students into my course

I am a teacher. JodyLee_Duek49. I have created a course called Human Nutrition. I have the link name, My students spent 30 minutes trying to find the course. We hunted by my name, by the course name, by the group link, to no avail.

I’ve tried to add them using the “invite”. Your Help page shows 3 tabs: email, mempals, and link. I only have 2 tabs, mempals and link. Putting in an email address does nothing. The link does not get my students to my course page, only to memrise general pages.

What can we do???

Dr. JodyLee Estrada Duek
Pima Community College

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Just clicking on your link while being logged in on Memrise works for me. I just quit your group with 13 courses. Were your students logged in when they tried?

Thank you. So you’re saying that first they have to log in and then they go
back to my email and click on the link and then it will take them back to
the right page

That should work. If they click on the link while logged in on Memrise they get added to your group. Then they can start learning immediately in all of the courses you added to this group.

Thank you so much. We will try that.


It might be the status of the course that is blocking them. For next time, check the status of your course. When you create it, it is closed.

you need to release it for others to have access, either limited access or public access. Would that explain their trouble ?

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Thank you. Can you tell me how I release the course ? I don’t know how
to check the status of the course.

Hi @JodyLee_Duek49,

The second part of this page fro the Knowledge Base should help:

Basically, from the course home page, it’s “Edit Course” -> “Details” -> then change “Status” to “Public”.

Good luck!

On a course site “Edit Course” > “Details” > “Status:”.

I think the problem should be solved with duaal’s advice. There are 32 members in the group and a “leaderboard” on the first course is filled, so everything works fine. Students just have to be logged in and then they should click on the group link in order to join.

But if you want only your student to access it, choose :Unlisted that way, you give them the link but no one can find it in the courses list

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sircemloud If I put my course as unlisted will I be the only one who can share the link or can my students send the link to their friends etc which I don’t want. I only want my class to use it not other people my students invited. Thanks