Adding new items gets incredibly slow in big courses

Hi! I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem.
I make my own courses and I like having a lot of items per level, usually between 600 and 1200. I’ve been doing this for years and never had any problems. The last two months or so however, the website is slow beyond reason. It affects everything: typing in the boxes, uploading the audio, moving the scrollbar. I literally have to wait like 10 seconds before I can see what I typed in. Has anyone encountered the same problem? I noticed everything works fine up to 250 items per level.

Hi @inuitka, one thing to try is to create each level in a spreadsheet first, then copy-and-paste from the spreadsheet into the course using ‘Bulk Add’ which is listed under ‘Advanced’ for each level in edit mode.

If you’re adding audio clips for a common world language (and you feel that computer-generated sound is acceptable) you could use the Google Chrome Memrise Audio Uploader as an efficient/fast method for attaching audio:

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