Adding difficult words manually, removing them automatically

Hello! I find that Memrise is sometimes slow to consider old words as difficult. To solve this, when I fail at recalling certain older words, I manually add them in my list of difficult words after the session. The problem with this approach is that manually added words are never removed from the list of difficult words unless I do it manually, which is cumbersome and ill-suited for me.

Is it possible to have Memrise remove words from the difficult list when they are once again mastered, even if they were added manually? Has someone scripted this? That feature would be perfect for my needs, and I suspect for the needs of many other users.

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

If you manually flag a word as “difficult”, you’ll also manually have to remove the flag. Makes sense, too! :slight_smile:

I doubt it’s a good idea. For instance, I’m marking words as difficult not because they are difficult, but because they contain incorrect translation and it’s the way to indicate that fact and report it later. On the other hand, someone can manually mark words as difficult to go through them many times. So I’d rather leave this system as it is.

My list of difficult words contains a mix of words added manually and automatically, and after a while the words added manually come back all the time, and I have to sift through the list to remove them. I wish it was possible remove them automatically when I remember them properly again. BTW I am not advocating to change the system, but I would use that option if it was available.