Adding courses doesn't work

  • After introducing a new layout, the “start learning” (pl: “zacznij od zaraz”) button doesn’t work. When you click on this button you go to the course, but after closing it the course doesn’t appear on your wall. Only exception is if you earn some points, but it doesn’t work with completed courses if you want to do your repetition.

  • PC, Windows 10, Chrome

  • The “start learning” button should add the course on your wall.

Hi there, this is a limitation we’re aware of and hope to have fixed in the future.

To make sure the course is added, please earn some points (answer at least 1 question correctly) and then click on the X icon at the top right. :warning: Do not close the tab directly before X-ing out of the session, otherwise the course will not be added to your list.

This article also explains how to add completed courses back to your list:

I hope this clears any confusion for now.

This is not a solution for people who have fifty browser’s bookmarks with courses (most of them completed) and who want to review these courses regularly not having them on the wall all the time.

I usually use the “Groups” function to store courses I will use later but don’t want on my wall until then. You can put all the courses you want to review later in a group, and when you want to review them just open the Group and they will be added automatically to your dashboard (the “Groups” work in packs of five, so when you have more than five in a sigle group, it will have a “See More” button, when you click the button it opens five more courses and adds them to the dashboard). I know this isn’t a good solution, but it may be a workaround until they fix this bug.


Thank you for this answer. This idea works great. May I add that if you want to have more than one group (of courses) you can add to each one of them courses which you normally have on your dashboard first, so you’ll be able to add courses from specific group without adding unwonted courses.
I hope memrise team will not spoil this functionality :slight_smile:

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Amazing! I have never thought about that, so every time I open my Groups tab I end up having to exclude a lot of courses I don’t want at the time. Thank you for noticing this out! :smiley: