Adding content to my course unbelievably slow

It seems to me that since 2 days, adding content to my course is incredibly slow. Not even slow, half of the times adding a new word to a my course doesn’t work at all, the server returns a 500 error and some times I have to try several times before the word is finally added.

It seems like the problem is not adding words to the course itself, but adding words to the library before they are added to the course.

The problematic url is: (this is not the url in the browsers address bar but the url the call is made to on the background)

Does anyone else experience this? I tried both firefox and chrome and 2 different computers. Adding words has become so slow it has become frustrating. It takes an hour to add 25 words to a level!


Yep, I think many people are having this problem - myself included.

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Memrise has recently confirmed the problem and they’re obviously working on resolving it, see this posting.

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Thanks for your replies!

@Olaf.Rabbachin - I think that question is more about the app rather then the website, but they might be related ofcourse.

I hope it is fixed soon because creating a course is almost impossible now…

try editing your course using the old memrise site… i have no probs there…


That’s a good idea! So I tried it just now, but unfortually the same problem occured again…

on when uploading a word
and a few seconds later on decks:

Same problem. It’s suddenly really slow, and sometimes doesn’t add words at all. The result is that I have to wait and hope, wait and hope, then give up, and input words multiple times.

Meanwhile, the columns like to skip around and don’t stay still.

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The result is that I have to wait and hope, wait and hope, then give up, and input words multiple times

Very well put. I open the console in my browser, on the network tab, so I can at least see the response. If it returns 500 I know I don’t have to wait and hope any longer and try again :wink:

I hope someone will look into this soon because it is getting very annoying.

I use a cheat. I type in anything like “1”, and then as soon as the database finds a match I agree to it. That produces dummy text quickly, which I just then edit over, and there’s no lag editing once something’s entered. It’s an extra step, and a crazy one, but it does work and I can continue to build on all the time and effort I’ve dumped into making my own lists here to study with.

I don’t even need or want it to search for matches. What I’m imputing is correct, it’s for my own use, and so there’s no need at all for that search. The only thing it does is cause me to accidentally choose one of its results rather than what I am imputing on accession. Basically, I can’t input correctly and efficiently because of what is effectively for me a booby-trap to begin with.

Hopefully they’ll fix it.

UPDATE: For more efficiency you can just keep entering the same thing, and it doesn’t matter if it’s already included it in your list. So, I just put “1” in one field “1” in the next, hit enter, accept the result, and there’s my quick dummy text to edit. Clumsy as all hell, but it does work so far. This also has the side benefit for me that the columns don’t move around when I’m trying to input stuff once it’s up in the list.


I do the same. There is a lag when I edit dummy entries, and sometimes I need to make the same edit twice. But overall it works, more or less.

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That’s a good idea, of the both of you, it seems to work a lot better then adding words the regular way as long as the website is malfunctioning!

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I am sure that the team works on the imminent separation of databases and stuff like this. Maybe you are trying to upload content exactly when they are at tinkering (or fingering…). I have some delay problems, but nothing major.

Did you try using a “noscript-” add or similar, in order to at least block scripts on memrise/decks site that have nothing to do with the functionality of memrise (such as gstatic, segment etc)? Blocking those makes any site faster (In order to function, memrise needs only the memrise and cloudflare scripts… )

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@Angharad.Merfin are you able to link us to one of those noscript addons? Do they interfere with Chrome addons which improve Memrise functionality?

I just entered a bunch of stuff no problem. Just in case you aren’t doing this already, before you edit the dummy text, you have to “add word” to the rows above by pressing the + sign, or hitting enter. If you are doing that, and it’s not working, you have worse case of the problem than I do.

I’ve had this problem over several days and entering at different times. I think they made a change, and since then it’s been wonky. Just a guess, though. Only they know what’s really going on, I hope.

Hey folks! I just looked into this and it should be fixed as of yesterday. It boils down to an external service that we scaled down not realising it directly affected course creation. It’s been fixed now and should be back to full speed!


@lurkmoophy Wonderful, I can confirm all workes fine again! Thanks for looking into it and fixing it!

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I wish it was me, but it was our lovely backend dev @frabcus_memrise :blush:

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Thanks @frabcus_memrise! :wink:

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Nah, it wasn’t me, it was our amazing ops team!

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