Adding audio now doesn't show file or upload button, just "record"

Hi folks:

This is a new problem that just happened yesterday out of nowhere, and in both Chrome and Firefox. When I add audio to an entry, I like to click on the file down arrow to listen to it so I make sure I uploaded the correct file. Now it just gets stuck showing “no audio” when it actually has it. If I save and exit, then re-enter, it’s there. Can we fix this new glitch, please?

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Yes, I noticed that since two days or so. Just refreshing the page will work.

That works. Thanks. I gather, then, that the problem is that the field for adding audio isn’t itself refreshing like it used to. Good to have a workaround, but not ideal. Hope they’ll fix it.

Hi there thanks for your post ! I have the same problem and I’m on Safari.
I try also to refresh or so and I still can not upload my audio’s… Any idea ?
Thanks !

You can also report it here.

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This is done… isn’t? I try the refresh KO !
I try chrome KO !
So sad. :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

Please file a bug report that you also have this problem on Safari. Memrise might take the problem more seriously.

At last this problem seems to have been fixed now. Which saves quite a few page reloads.

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