Add "override - typo..." option/button?

I don’t image it being that difficult to implement and it would get rid of many annoying misspelling errors unnecessarily prolonging the course. Or is there a reason why you don’t want to implement it?

Edit: If you didn’t understand what I meant by “override I was right”, when you get the wrong answer, you would be able to click a button that would make system act as if you got that answer right. This is the only thing Quizlet has and Memrise does not.


I value spelling in my native language, so its important to me that I learn to spell correctly in languages that I am learning. I think it would take away from the quality of the information one is learning. A single letter or accent makes the difference between words, allowing oneself a free pass on an error could prevent it from being learning correctly.

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@BrianQuintanilla I wasn’t aiming at language courses, Memrise can be used to learn many things and when you need to learn the meaning not the actual words, (for instance when I am learning physics) miss spellings that I don’t care about are really annoying. Plus if I know the answer and the answer is long, it’s bloody impossible to write the answer with no mistakes.

Plus you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.

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I would love to see this option, for several reasons, including: 1) In Japanese courses, the meaning of the word is what we’re studying and correct spelling of a word in English is irrelevant. 2) In one of my courses there are a few answers that t have been misspelled by the course creator, so if you type it correctly the answer counts as wrong and you waste time going through “learning” it again. 3) Learning kanji with the generally excellent Heisig RTK method involves keywords assigned by Heisig forty years ago. Occasionally these keywords seem nonsensical or irrelevant to students today and they change them to ones they find more useful. One of the course creators has done this already, using their own keywords, but there is no way for a student to use keywords of their own devising. An “override I was right option” would make this possible.

As OP says, this is an option; if it’s not useful to you, you don’t have to use it. And really, the answers are part of the learning process, not a test in the usual sense of the word. We’re all getting out of independent study whatever we put into it, and using this option as a free pass on an error is just cheating yourself out of further learning. Why would anyone do that?


Makes sense.

“we” - i.e. the long-term users of memrise - has endless threads about such an option in the old fora… I proposed, together with some others that 0 points to be given every time one uses on “override”/“typo” option… we never, never!, got an answer

Really good point!

The ideia is good. But you are forgetting something important here.
Memrise doesn’t give a f*ck to what the users want…

They have their own Agenda and won’t do anything other than that.

Oh really? Can we contact them directly somehow?

@Meowxiik, I’ll answer that question before some of the more passionately angry crowd get to it :slight_smile:

Sadly, Memrise, as a company, has made it pretty clear that they very, very rarely (if at all) respond to feature suggestions from users. If you’d been around the forums for the past couple of years, you’d probably understand :slight_smile:

That’s not to say that we should give up hope on, or giving up using, Memrise, though. Just that our time is probably better spent doing things other than writing feature suggestions :slight_smile:

Have you tried:

It basically gives you a second chance when making a typo.

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the links to the script do not work, and who is “raneski”?(no page on github)

I assumed Memrise wikia would be maintained up to date, sorry.
I have been using this script for really long time and it works, here it is:

[Edit 1]


Method 1 (Easier and recommended)

Install Tampermonkey extension on Chrome Store.
and click Install.

[Edit 2]

Just reinstalled the script to check the links, works fine.

thanks, i’ll think about installing this one, maybe i could tinker something with stylish…

Tonbo, thanks once again for a link to a useful Memrise add-on. And thanks Meowxiik for asking the question. I’m grateful for the user community here.

It would be great if numbers were ignored on the language courses, as often you accidentally type 1 instead of ! at the very end of your answer.

If I do something similar, I “untick” the difficult word.

Or if I actually know the word well, I “ignore” or “already know” it.

The trouble with ignoring numbers, some languages accept a numerical number answer like “2000”.

But perhaps “1” at the end of a typed word could be ignored?