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I love that you created 100 Italian Verbs Conjugated. I think that will help my sister in law. What does it take to add audio? Is that difficult or expensive? I don’t know the process, but I know it would help a lot!


Hi @bethazavedo6,

Is there a forum for this course? It doesn’t look like @vallierdes has visited this forum yet.

If not you might want to look for other courses that are similar but do already have audio.

Otherwise you could ask the MemRise team to try to contact them. You might even consider supporting the course as a Contributor. Cc @MatildeBC.

In bocca al lupo!

Thanks DW7.

I am so new that I don’t know how to find out if there is a forum for that course.
And I don’t know how to become a contributor or add audio.
I’m not sure how to contact the MemRise team. I’m guessing there is a link at the bottom of the page…


This course has audio (but is a no typing course).

If the audio is important for you maybe it’s an alternative.

Benvenuta/o @bethazavedo6. Re your points:

If the creator has been here his/ her name appears in a link grey box (as your name does). @vallierde hasn’t.

If there is a course Forum it should be under Italian but the search facility works really well.

I have Cc Matilde who may pick it up or I can find the link for you.

That course (" # Learn Italian Conjugation • No Typing
also has problems: since in the english part there is sometimes no indication wether know means to know someone (conoscere) or a skill (sapere), sometimes it happens hat you have to chose between two correct solutions, but only one is considered to be correct. Chances are 50% that you choose the wrong correct solution. Thus the word reappears in the orange to be repeated section over and over again, but you have no chance to answer it correctly.