Active Language Learning Forums

Anybody have any recommendations for any language learning forums that have a large amount of active users?


Duolingo has loads of forum users, but they’re not always well-behaved.
Here, there aren’t many as - as far as I know - there is not link to these forums from the main website. But on the other hand, I very rarely see any spam.



Yea, I love Memrise and the response for technical issues here on the forum is excellent but the volume of active users is very low. I used to use hellotalk and it was excellent for socialising with others but I am looking for an alternative that is usable on a web browser. I have been digging and have quite a few to test, I used to use duolingo app but I hadn’t looked at their forums. Just looking to find a good resource to attempt to converse in a foreign language with others, memrise groups could be amazing and so could the forum because it is clean but it seems very underused. Thanks man.


Yes, the forums there are very good and friendly! Hope you find what you wanted! Most people there are very helpful and friendly


Everyone I have spoke with here have been lovely, there just seems to be a low volume of traffic compared to other places. My comparisson being hello talk which is designed to be social and is the best interactive experience I have had with other language learners but I love Memrise and wish the community forum was more visible, I am only here now because I stopped using the mobile app and started using my laptop, otherwise I never really thought about it. I hope the duolingo forum offers something! :v:


Hope it does!

It’s pretty simple IMHO - the forum just isn’t propagated adequately by Memrise (particularly after you have created an account and land on the dashboard). This is true for the website and app as well as the courses themselves.

It’s simply not easy to find your way here. Which is a shame really!

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Yea, that is what I am saying, Memrise is awesome but the visibility of the forum is lacking and so people are not driven here, I found my way here, I was not guided, had I been, I would have used this regularly a long time ago. I have been working hard on finding resources and will make a post to list them, I have found some good things but you really have to trawl through so much to find well made and active places. I love Memrise, I hope that the forum grows in the future!

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I use this forum (and Instagram) myself. People keep logs, discuss methods, research etc.



This is one of the ones I had narrowed down as being usable!!

Hope to see you there soon


May I ask, how does this work?

This is one of several things that make me sad about memrise shutting down their forums a few years ago, and moving to this third party system. On the old memrise forums, each course had a prominent link to the forum - something they didn’t carry over to the mobile app even when they still had the old forums. So back then, the forum was prominently visible to everyone taking a particular course, and what’s more, course maintainers were active on their own course’s forum. That motivated people taking the course to post there, because they knew the person who created the course would see their posts. So even for niche topics, there was often still enough activity. It was a huge part of what made memrise work well, but memrise decided it wasn’t worth it or they didn’t care, so they dumped it.


I didn’t know that, such a shame because it would work really well and I find the memrise language courses, official and user created to be the best and my primary tool for picking up a language. Keep your eyes out for a post I will be making soon. I have found many communities that are very active and hopefully can offer some people an easier route to getting into such places because I had to dig hard to find the ones that are actually of use. I am overwhelmed at the moment but will get to it soon, I have to collate everything I have found.

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If you’re talking about the forum: you make an account and then keep some kind of learning diary people can reply to. There are also sub-fora where you can ask questions or resources are shared.

If you’re talking about keeping a studygram on Instagram: What I do is keep an account specifically for learning Korean. I take a photo or screenshot of something I did, write something about it and people find me through hashtags. Others do the same, so it’s easy for me to find new resources this way and more convenient than having to open my laptop to visit the language forum😅

Here’s mine as an example:

For those using Facebook, there seems to be a ton of groups there that are related to language learning.
The ones I am a member of are for learners of French, Italian, Spanish (EN-ES and DE-ES / Duo). The French group is probably the one with the most activity, followed by the Italian group. The others are a bit quiet.

Other than that, there’s bunches of groups generally related to languages and linguistics. For instance, one that I like and that is pretty active is the Silly Linguistics Community

Surprised no one has mentioned these high quality websites:
Replace chinese with any other language