Account has been temporarily placed on hold

Why I received a message “your account has been temporarily placed on hold as a precautionary measure.”?

I can’t respond to another user response to my question at least to say thank you.

Is there something wrong with my post? I just joined the forum and I felt confused Because I didn’t do anything bad.

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Hey, is the account referred to in your message called “radenrino”?


Yup. Can you tell me what that means? I’ve asked through feedback, teitter, facebook and instagram but no response, so I decided to make a new account only for this.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure what happened.

Both “radenrino” and “raden02” were both needed for review without explanation. The system automatically detected your account as suspicious for an unknown reason, which I am unable to see.

I just wondered, no one could be asked for the explanation. Thank you

Can not tell you exactly what happened, even though i also had this problem on numerous forums, it is pretty much annoying. Once i got messaged that the account was on hold because they supposed i was a spammer, or something like this, so take a look at your previous posts maybe you have posted a link in a certain post. I also had such an issue with my insta account, they told me it was restricted as they supposed that i buy real instagram followers, even i have never done it. Pretty strange things to be honest, however try to send an email to the support.