Accidentally deleted streak

I accidentally deleted my streak! I clicked on ‘turn off’ by mistake. I saw another post in which @Lien shared a forum, but it said my “permission was blocked”. My streak was at 13.

I am really sorry that you turned it off by mistake. There was a form you could fill in if that happened or if you inadvertently lost a streak but unfortunately not any more. I lost streaks of over 700 days on several courses. As you could imagine I was not at all pleased!

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Wait @MaxineDownunder

So there’s no way of getting back a streak??

13 is very short. You’re lucky it happened now so that you’ll be more careful in the future. Just start again.

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@edujuan, I asked more than once but told it’s not possible. I still find that difficult to accept however nothing else I can do about it.

In this earlier thread, @MemriseMatty let us know that they were planning to introduce something this year that would improve the situation regarding lost streaks. I guess, even if they do come up with something, it will not be retrospective.

Lost streak form inaccessible